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Random musings about BBQ June 8, 2008

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This is the time of year that BBQ’s seem to be on our schedule to the tune of a couple every weekend. Whether we’re going somewhere and having a communal grill-fest with friends or simply cooking at home for ourselves, the BBQ grill seems to be the center of our existence by June.

This weekend we attended a great summer picnic at Cosmos park with my work family and attended a first birthday party bash for a young man named Peyton. I don’t think we left either event hungry! So, in honor of the BBQ season, here are some random thoughts to keep you busy (and drooling):

  • I can never decide what I like best from the grill. I like steak, chicken and pork equally well. My favorites of each are probably bacon wrapped filet mignon, BBQ chicken and thick-cut pork loin chops with bronzed seasoning. Mmmmm…
  • I’m pretty picky about both my potato salad and my cole slaw. I rarely ever order either when going out unless it’s the horseradish coleslaw at Buckingham’s. I usually only eat potato salad at home. I’m a potato salad snob!
  • Love veggies on the grill. There’s something that makes them taste better when they’re cooked on an open flame. If I didn’t love meat so much, veggies on the grill would make me think about being a vegetarian! NOT! 🙂
  • I’ve found that people are extremely opinionated about their preference in BBQ sauce. I like mine with the molasses base and don’t care much for the vinegar based ones. Our favorite these days is any flavor of Sweet Baby Ray’s. I liked it even better today because I had a coupon for $1.00 off! HOORAH!
  • Even the pickiest of eaters seem to find something they like when it’s cooked on the grill. Even people who despise hot dogs will often try one when it’s cooked outdoors. Everyone, that is, except our daughter Annie. She won’t touch them no matter how they’re prepared.
  • Memphis or Texas? Kansas City or some other BBQ mecca? What’s your preference? I even read this week that they have a massive competition in New York City to bring in national BBQ champs so that the urbanites can experience what we all eat regularly in the BBQ capitals of the country. Must be a shame to live somewhere that you can’t use a BBQ grill!
  • Charcoal or gas grill? Mesquite or hickory? The choices and combinations are endless. Therefore, we must continue to explore and conquer at every opportunity. Tonight, chicken. Tomorrow night a new recipe: kebabs with sea scallops and hot Italian sausages. That one may get another blog entry just to tell you how it went!

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