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Random musings about weddings June 11, 2008

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With our daughter Heather’s wedding coming up on Saturday, it seemed an appropriate time to share some of my random thoughts about weddings. I’m quite familiar with weddings and have been to more than my share of them. I play the piano and have been responsible for providing the music for a large portion of the “marrying and burying” of family and church members in my time.

  • Have you realized that weddings have gone from being a small private ceremony held at home or the preacher’s house to a full blown orchestrated extravaganza that requires planners, organizers and a major bank loan?
  • Most designer wedding gowns have more beads and sequins than the evening gown competition for the Miss America pageant!
  • The cost of the tuxedo rentals alone could probably save an average person’s home from mortgage foreclosure.
  • Receptions have grown from a simple cake and punch affair in the church basement to a full-blown catered meal complete with wine, champagne and an open bar.
  • We barely saw printed invitations 30 years ago. Now we have wedding “programs” because the ceremonies are more like a musical revue.
  • I think it’s a conspiracy in the clothing design world to make the mother of the bride look as frumpy as possible. It’s obvious when viewing the clothing for sale in the category of mother of the bride.
  • One of the most unfortunate decisions most women make in their lives is their choice of a bridesmaids dress. They are perhaps some of the most disastrous clothing items most women will ever wear. I’ve seen maternity clothes with more style!
  • We used to choose colors for our weddings with names like red, blue, green, pink. Now we choose from names like apple, cabernet, persimmon, olivine, plum—are we wearing them or eating them, I ask you?
  • In the old days when people got married they received gifts. Now, the trend is to give gifts. Gifts are given to the bridal party, the parents, the grandparents, the officiants, anyone who moves…you get the picture. I think it’s a trend that started when the couple getting married had to make nicey nice with people who were asked to lay out massive amounts of money so they could have the wedding of their dreams. Average price for a bridesmaids dress and shoes: $250. Ouch!
  • Brides used to wear a nice street dress or suit to get married in. Something they could wear again for special occasions making it a practical purchase. Only the very wealthy purchased single use wedding gowns. Now, paying over a thousand dollars for a gown worn one time is the norm.
  • You know what’s really sad? When the planning process for the wedding lasts longer than the marriage.
  • It’s obvious that weddings have gotten out of hand when we can devote entire television programs to them such as Bridezilla, A Wedding Story, Wedding Design on a Dime, etc.
  • Do you realize how many people would be out of work if we went back to weddings as they used to be? Entire industries would be effected. Wow, that just can’t happen. We better make sure they keep getting bigger so we can help the economy, right? 🙂
  • Is it any wonder now that some parents are encouraging their kids to elope? It’s all about financial survival!

3 Responses to “Random musings about weddings”

  1. Coralie Says:

    I agree there is huge pressure on modern brides to spend spend spend in the effort to be the most gorgeous bride ever. Friends colleagues and the media obsession with the vacuous lives of Z-list so-called celebrities are all fanning the flames of this ‘make me a princess for the day’ trend which shows no sign of slowing down and every sign of landing newly wed couples (or their families) deep in debt. Hardly a formula for a long and happy marriage is it?

    But – it’s also possible to buck the trend, to be strong and say ‘No! This is my wedding and this is how I want it!’. It’s all about choice …

  2. auntlelo Says:

    I love it when I hear about young couples who decide to be very creative and personal about planning their weddings. It bodes well for the way they well live their lives as a couple.

    Thanks for your great comment!

  3. Nowadays anything goes with weddings. 1 in 5 brides is pregnant these days and there are tons of maternity wedding dress retailers out there catering for this market too!
    Check out Mama Bridal on Google and you’ll see what I mean.

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