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Last daughter given away… June 15, 2008

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June 14 at 5 p.m., another daughter walked down the aisle with her dad. She was wearing a beautiful gown, pearls from her father and a happy smile on her face. After dealing with rain and thunderstorms all week, the day of the wedding was clear, sunny and beautiful.

This is the one and only photo I managed to grab during the entire day. Although I put my camera in my bag, I was busy upon my arrival at the church doing little odds and ends to try and be helpful. Mainly, I was the person in charge of safety pins and holding our grandson Seth. We got to be very good buddies over the past two days and in years to come I’ll remind him that he spent a very important moment in his parents’ life sitting with Grammy and spitting.

Yes, spitting. I carried Seth as I walked down the aisle to be seated. Normally a very calm and quiet little guy, he decided to be heard during the ceremony. Not only heard, but, the life of the party. He smiled, he laughed and when the minister asked “Do you take this woman?”, little Seth blew raspberries. It was a Kodak moment, to be sure.

The flower girls managed to make it down the aisle without incident and we all heaved a sigh of relief. Hallelujah! However, a memorable moment from this ceremony was what happened at the altar. While the bride and groom were busy saying their “I do’s”, Aidan and Jill managed to busy themselves finding a basket of chocolate candy stowed behind the pulpit. Rings were exchanged as Aidan stuffed Reese’s peanut butter cups in her mouth. Another memory that will get funnier as the years go by.

Three children married in less than 18 months. Wow! Hard to believe, isn’t it? Now we’re down to two boys. The girls have all been married off and the fatherly duties of walking them down the aisle, giving them away and dancing father-daughter dances has been completed. It was a good day and we wish Heather and Kreg all the best as they start their lives together.


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