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I can’t believe she’s going to do it! July 30, 2008

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Fat Chick: “I can’t believe she’s going to do that, can you?”

Henrietta: “Oh dear, oh dear. It’s highly inappropriate! I’m so embarrassed. She said it looks just like ME! BAWK!”

Gregory Pecked: “Now girls, calm down. It’s just for a bit of fun. A little drama and some levity are great for a presentation. You shouldn’t get your feathers in such a ruffle. After all, most of those people don’t even know about us.”

Fat Chick: “Gregory, you’re such a pinhead! It’s just stupid and silly to stand in front of a group of people and wear a hat that looks like, like…Henrietta is sitting on your head!”

Henrietta: “Oh my goodness, what will my friends say?”

Fat Chick: “Good grief, Henrietta, you know what they’ll say. We’re the only friends you’ve got, remember?”

Henrietta: “That’s not true! I have another friend!”

Fat Chick: “You mean that little toad over there who thinks he’s a bird? What’s his name—Pigeon? Ya, I’d really want the world to know I had a warty little toad who’s touched in the head as a friend.”

Gregory Pecked: “Don’t you think you’re being a bit hard on the little chap, Fat Chick? After all, he doesn’t say bad things about you being a little, well, overly plump.”

Henrietta: “Oh my goodness, Gregory, you shouldn’t have said that. You know she’s going to get even.”

Fat Chick: “Well, you pompous bag of feathers! I took pity on you after finding you on and making you my boyfriend and you have the nerve—THE NERVE—to say something like that to me. I think I’ll have to banish you to the shelf with old toady boy.”

Gregory Pecked: “Now Fat Chick, you know I won’t fit on the shelf and that I’m afraid of heights!”

Fat Chick: “Too bad, feather brain. Looks like you clucked one too many times for your own good. Take a hike rooster boy!”

Gregory Pecked: “I just hate high rise apartments! Unless, of course, it’s a henhouse suite!”


It was absolutely spotless July 29, 2008

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I went home from work yesterday, walked in the door and stopped dead in my tracks. I thought I was in the wrong house. It was spotless. The table was already set for dinner. The counters were completely cleared off in the kitchen and had been wiped off. Sink was empty. Dishwasher was already empty except for a small handful of dishes. Living room straightened. 15 year old was sitting in the recliner wearing headphones and listening to music.

Wait a minute. What’s going on here? Who are you and what have you done with my son?

There was never an explanation given for the exceptional extra effort put forth yesterday. No request for money or permission to do something extra. This didn’t seem to be a laying of the groundwork to soften us up for the delivery of bad news. Wow. This is really something special.

Thanks Allen for just being a really nice kid. We love you too. 🙂


Random musings about Jason’s wedding July 26, 2008

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The day finally came. Jason finally took the plunge and became Mr. Kristina Fry. Wait, no, that’s not how it works. Kristina finally took the plunge and became Mrs. Jason Rollins. Well, regardless of how it happened, somehow by the end of the day, they ended up Mr. & Mrs. till death do they part.

It was a beautiful wedding and reception. Almost everyone from Web Com made it to the event, all cleaned up and in our best bibs and tuckers to cheer him on. As I watched I made special note in my mind of all the things that would need to make it into my blog when I got home.

  • On Friday I remember Shane saying “see you on Saturday at 3.” I should have checked my invitation again. There’s a really good reason my signature is the first one on the guest book list. However, we got really good seats!
  • There is some really impressive woodwork in the Missouri Methodist Church. And a killer pipe organ. Did you ever wonder what poor soul has to shinny up there and dust all that woodwork? Poor thing!
  • Young women who are candlelighters should always rehearse wearing the shoes they’ll be wearing at the wedding—especially when stairs are involved. There’s something very concerning about young girls teetering on steps when fire is involved.
  • Jason smiled a lot today. I mean, a lot more than usual and he always smiles a lot. It was cute.
  • A moment fit for a Hallmark commercial: Jason and his Dad standing together watching the moms light candles (also teetering on high heels on the steps). Jason put his arm around his Dad and patted his back. When Jason removed his arm, his Dad did exactly the same thing back. It was really moving.
  • Audie. Little guy. Ring bearer. Stole the show. He and the flower girl stood facing the congregation and Audie kept peeking around the bride at his Mom and waving. And then, the pillow fell on the floor. The wedding wouldn’t have been complete without a completely precious Audie moment.
  • The organ sounded, the congregation stood up and the bride appeared on the arm of her father. I didn’t know which one to look at, Kristina or Jason. Jason’s face at that moment was something I wouldn’t have missed seeing. Perfect.
  • My husband and son didn’t know the hymn we sang. We’re Baptists, it was a Methodist hymnal and they don’t sight read. Oh well, they were in good company. I heard a lot of other “silent singers” around me.
  • Loved the pastor. Nice combination of humor, formality and reverence.
  • Did I mention that it was an interesting experience to hear Lennon/McCartney music played on a pipe organ?
  • Jason looks just like his Dad. And his cousin Derek. And Audie. The Rollins family genes make a great impression in all generations. Kristina, did you take a good look at Jason’s Dad before you got married? I think that’s what you’ll get in a few decades!
  • The bride and groom were driven away from the church in the Shakespeare’s Pizza bicycle thingy. And, they went to Starbuck’s for coffee before arriving at the reception! Hey Jason, where’s my skinny vanilla latte, dude?
  • Nice touch having Barley appear for a few family photos between the wedding and reception.
  • Christine and Andrew drove all the way back from Lexington, KY for the wedding. Wow. That’s impressive. And they just moved a week or two ago! What friends!
  • This is the only wedding I’ve ever attended where the father/bride dance was Waylon Jennings’ “Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys.” I’ll have to hear the story behind that one.
  • Seemed strange seeing Shane sitting at a table with no camera. Really, really weird.
  • And Josh wore a long sleeved shirt and a tie. Haven’t seen THAT in a while! And noticed that Allen had forgotten to wear a belt. Darn it. I knew someone would notice that.
  • Good cookies. Came from the Fulton bakery “Cake Creations.” They always do a nice job. I ate mine before dinner. I’m just like a kid, I couldn’t wait.
  • Beautiful wedding, nice day and hope the bride and groom will be very happy together. As we were leaving the wedding, Jason told me to call him if I needed anything at the office this week. He was kidding, right? Cause, I may have a problem with the CMS…
  • Maybe I will call him. After all, he asked me to! 🙂

Today’s the day!

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Jason and Kristina are getting married this afternoon. For those of you readers who don’t know him, Jason is a young man who works in my office. He’s worked for me ever since he was a college student and I almost feel as though I’ve watched him grow up.

We all knew that it was probably a pretty serious thing when Jason brought Kristina to one of our office birthday lunches. He’d NEVER brought a girl by the office to meet us before. The next thing we knew he was ordering a ring and BAM! Here we are, planning what we’re going to wear to his wedding this afternoon.

“Spidey Mizzou”, I hope you have a completely perfect day and everything goes just as you planned it. We promise not to heckle you from the congregation and to behave ourselves, just this once. Kristina, I hope you have the wedding of your dreams because we think you’re getting a pretty good guy.

See you at the reception and I hope the food is good! 🙂


Random musings about places to eat lunch July 25, 2008

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I was just talking to my son Allen (who was on the cell-phone with his Dad) as we made arrangements to meet and grab a bite of lunch together. Made me think about the places we commonly eat lunch here and the pros and cons of each.

  • The choice today was Chipotle. This is always one of my top favorites. It’s obviously a frequent destination because the folks at the counter don’t even ask me what I want anymore. I’m the “burrito bowl, black beans, chicken, fresh tomato salsa, a little hot red, sour cream, cheese and lettuce” lady.
  • Another fave for me is Noodles and Company. My choice is pad thai with chicken. Although, I need to branch out more. I understand the pesto cavatappi is good, too.
  • I love to go to lunch meetings at Addison’s. The draw for me is the sweet potato chips with horseradish cream dip. I could eat that and only that for lunch and be perfectly thrilled.
  • Shakespeare’s Pizza is one of the nearby lunch locations, although I’ll admit I don’t go there often. It’s usually PACKED with students and it’s not one of my favorite destinations.
  • Flat Branch Brewery and Restaurant, just up the street from my office. Handy, food is good and it’s the closest nice restaurant for meetings.
  • One of my very favorites is Bangkok Garden. Thai food. Very yummy. I’m a #3 hot on the 1-5 heat category. #2 isn’t hot enough, #4 burns my lips off. Just thought you’d like to know.
  • The unvarnished truth? Coldstone Creamery is a lunch destination. Cake batter ice cream with brownies, hot fudge, whipped cream in a “love it” size. I am so bad!
  • Also like Chevys lunch fajitas. Beef. Mmmm. With lots of chips before and a nap after.

Want to add to the lunch fave list? Bring it on!


Random musings about pizza July 24, 2008

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I’m sitting at my desk and it’s 4:40 p.m. I had a turkey sandwich for lunch. Blah. I even had some chips, but, that didn’t do the trick either. I know, I know, all bad things for me. What I really have a craving for is some really good pizza.

Not the piece of cardboard with sauce and cheese you get in a Domino’s delivery box, but, something truly wonderful. With that I’ll launch into my random musings about pizza.

  • I’m a thin crust kind of gal. Hard to believe when my figure would tell you that thick crust is more believable, right?
  • I love supreme with all the veggies. However, I’m also a carnivore so it has to have meat as well. Sausage or pepperoni are my favorites.
  • Why do pizza places make you ask for extra cheese? I mean really, doesn’t EVERYBODY order extra cheese? You’d think that would be standard now, sort of like large french fries.
  • One of the most painful injuries is when you get a cheese burn on the roof of your mouth because you just couldn’t wait one more minute to have a bite. Will we never learn?
  • The perfect pizza is a blend of just right amounts of crust, cheese and toppings. Too much crust, cheese or toppings is just bad. After all, if you have to eat it with a fork it’s just no fun anymore.
  • I don’t know why some people think breakfast pizza is a new invention. I was eating leftover pizza for breakfast decades ago. Now they’ve gone and messed it up by trying to make it healthy and putting eggs on it. Eeeeewwwww!
  • I’m sort of a pizza purist in a lot of ways. This whole gourmet pizza thing with toppings like BBQ chicken, spinach, pesto and such seems a little strange to me. If I want BBQ, I’ll eat BBQ. If I want pesto I’ll get some pasta and do it right. And for heaven’s sake, if I want a burrito I’ll eat it with a tortilla not a pizza crust. Really!
  • People nearly come to blows when trying to define a favorite pizza. Mine depends on my mood. I love the Achilles pizza from Arris’ (beef and jalapeno peppers). I also love a good slice of canadian bacon and mushroom from Shakespeare’s, although I don’t care much for their crust. (I know, that must make me a communist or something, right?) I also love a good Papa Murphy’s pepperoni pizza that I bake at home. Mmmmm.
  • I’ve gained at least 3 pounds writing this blog entry. Hungry. Very hungry. STARVING!
  • You know what’s really bad? I probably won’t get to have pizza for dinner because my son had it for dinner last night. How sad. All this torture for nothing. Sigh.

Braces off Congratulations Allen! July 23, 2008

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A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s been a long four years, but, Allen looks suitably happy to get his braces off, don’t you think?

If you really want to see the real story, take a look at these before and after pics. Thanks for sharing your files Dr. Robinson!


Random musings about strange physical injuries July 22, 2008

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Interesting title, huh? This was on my mind this morning because I heard from our pastor’s wife that she had a mishap and missed three of her basement stairs, causing her to fall hard on her “pride” and bruise it to the point she can’t sit down.

Brought to mind some of the more interesting injuries I’ve had over the years. Funny thing about me (or actually, not so funny) is that I seem to be accident and injury prone. Some of the more interesting injuries include a broken tail bone when I was about 6 months pregnant, a wrist that was broken for 3 days before we realized it was broken, a broken nose caused by a toddler falling on my face (it’s a long story—don’t ask), a broken radial head in my elbow obtained when wearing high heels and multi-tasking (again, don’t ask), and most recently what appear to be torn ligaments and a sprain of my right ankle (have no idea how I did that, but, it makes it sound as though I’m athletic).

  • Ever wonder what a doctor says to a pregnant woman with a broken tail bone? “I can’t xray you, can’t give you pain meds. What do you want me to do, put your butt in a sling?”
  • Never could understand why when I broke my wrist I had to wear a cast up to my shoulder. Seemed like overkill to me. However, it provided more space for my family and friends to write their names.
  • Ever wonder what the elbow of an eleven year old’s cast looks like after a fight on the school bus? Let’s just say it looked better than the face of the 10 year old bully that picked on her.
  • You know you’re getting old when you step out of bed one morning and you get a stress fracture in your foot just by putting your weight on it. Man, I need to go on a diet!
  • You know you’ve had too many surgeries when your mid-section looks like Zorro left his mark.
  • Know what’s worse than a surgery? A staff infection that takes 7 weeks to heal. YUCK!
  • Ever try to put on panty hose with your left arm in a cast? Don’t. You could put your eye out trying something like that!
  • Are you kidding me? Every cast I ever had was white plaster. Now they have beautiful rainbow colors like purple, blue and hot pink. I may need to go break something else just for the pleasure of looking fashionably injured!
  • You know your doctor views you as accident prone when he greets you with “What did you break this time?”
  • People like me are the reason that people like you have high insurance premiums. You’re welcome!

How I Survived Six Flags July 20, 2008

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Saturday, July 19

Woke early and put on my orange tee shirt. Made a nice ham and egg breakfast for the family. Helped gather and pack all of the necessities for the day.

Sunscreen, 50SPF. Check

Ibuprofen, large bottle (take 4 before packing). Check

Make sure there are trash bags and napkins with the food we packed last night. Check

Camera, charged and ready. Check

Large purse with plenty of room so I could carry everyone else’s stuff all day. Check

Sunglasses. Check.

Okay, looks like I’m ready. Load up the Tahoe and head to the designated meeting place. Park and reload charter bus with all of the coolers and gear. Wow, this parking lot is crawling with people with orange tee shirts just like mine. Looks like hunting season out here!

Boarded the bus and we’re off. Yes, you guessed it. Church youth group trip to Six Flags. Since I’m obviously not youth, I must be one of the chaperones. Yup, that’s it. It’s the only explanation for a 40+ year old woman with skin that burns easily, an air cast on her leg and an aversion to theme parks heading for Six Flags on a perfectly good Saturday. It must be because it’s for her church and her kids. They’re both worth the pain.

I’m teasing. We had about 34 making the trip yesterday and it was a wonderful time. No problems with any of the kids. They were all great. It was nice to be able to get to know some of the other kids. Happened to find kindred spirits in some other band geeks like I used to be. COOL!

Although my poor ankle was pretty roughed up by the end of the day, overall I was none the worse for wear. I minor bit of sun on my nose and neck, but, not too bad. I can truthfully say I really enjoyed it and hope all the kids did too. Our church really got behind the effort and the work was well distributed for a change. That was nice and a good sign that things are changing—for the better!

Here are some shots of the group. Love those orange tee-shirts. You can see them in any crowd!


Random musings about walking down the hall at work July 16, 2008

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Now there’s a strange title for you. It’s simply and interesting thing to walk down the hallway at work because what you hear, see and sometimes smell is such a random experience.

  • Hmmm, I wonder why when Josh brought cookies into the office and said they would be in the break room they weren’t. They were in his office instead. What does it mean? (addendum from a later trip down the hall: cookies are now in the break room)
  • Wow, that has to be absolutely the biggest coffee cup I’ve ever seen on Jason’s desk. Uh, nope, strike that. The one on Paul’s desk is definitely bigger. Although, does it still qualify as a cup or is it now more like a bucket?
  • You can tell a lot about people’s snack habits by taking a trip down the hallway. I see a banana, there’s a granola bar…I have Jolly Ranchers (that are starting to get a bit sticky—better eat them faster).
  • Some desks are messy, some are extremely organized and some have a layer of dust. I won’t say which ones are which, you know who you are…
  • There is one office door that is closed right now because Christine left us last Friday on her way to her new home in Lexington KY.
  • Wow, we should do more exciting things with our bulletin board. I think random photos of people in the office would be nice. Especially strange, quirky ones.
  • Did you know the Spider Man lives in our offices? Actually Spider MEN. Many of them in all shapes, sizes and configurations. You should see them. Very impressive collection.
  • We also have chickens. I have three in my office (Fat Chick, Henrietta and Gregory Pecked). I also have a toad that thinks he’s a bird. His name is Pigeon. (Get it? Pigeon-toad. HaHAAAAhahaha.)
  • The office across the hall has turned into an oasis of purple colors, cut flowers and many, many green plants. Somewhere in the middle of all this is someone named Lisa who writes about children, animals and old people (and many other things) and wears cute hats.
  • Sometimes when I walk down the hall I get the incredible urge to salute. This usually happens when I’m passing by Dr. Smith’s office. He’s not only the retired University Registrar, but, also a retired Air Force Colonel.
  • Looked to my right and noticed the break room is a P-I-G sty! Mercy, you could catch a disease in there. Glad I only have to heat up my leftovers and get a glass of water.
  • Jeremiah’s having lovely nutritional hot pockets for lunch. Mmmmm, yummy. I’m having a leftover hot dog. Ever wonder what’s in that? DON’T.
  • New item on the break room white board. Uh oh. Josh posted something about typography. Way over my head. I barely know how to spell!
  • Karen’s and Shane’s office doors are closed. They’re gone to a wrestling banquet. Hope they don’t have to wrestle anyone for their lunch. Regardless, it’ll have to be better than a hot dog!
  • Well, I’m passing back by the office with the chickens, Jolly Ranchers, messy desk and empty fountain. Think I’ll go in and sit down. My phone is ringing… 🙂