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Random musings about July July 9, 2008

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I haven’t blogged in awhile. Anybody notice? Anybody care? It’s been crazy busy and things aren’t looking to ease up anytime soon. For lack of a better topic, here are a few random musings about July.

  • Although July normally brings thoughts of very high temperature and very low rainfall, this particular July seems just the opposite. It’s been a strange year weather-wise in mid-Missouri.
  • July 4th celebrations were quiet at my house. I had family in for the weekend and we feasted on BBQ and steaks throughout the weekend, but, they all scattered to other more fun places to watch fireworks and make merry. My husband and I watched TV and I played a computer game till time to go to bed.
  • All the weekends seem to be full and I longingly wish for a summer that includes a real vacation. Seems like the early part of the summer was taken up with a wedding, the latter part by work, projects and church activities. Add to that a kid in summer school and a husband who’s working overtime while he can ( in anticipation of a slow winter in HVAC) and the summer is pretty much shot.
  • July is a notable month for Allen because this is the long anticipated month in which his braces come off. He’s had them on since the end of 5th grade and will finally enter his sophomore year of high school without the metal that has become so much a part of his appearance. It’s hard to imagine them gone!
  • July has also been full of physical pain. I seem to have developed some sort of problem with my foot and leg that has made it difficult for me to walk. I limp around like an old lady and dread days when meetings require that I walk distances on campus. Although I may not hurt while I’m actually walking, somehow that aggravates things and I suffer greatly for the next day or so. It sucks to get old!
  • July is also a month of getting things ready for the presentations I’ll give at the CASE Summer Institute for Communications and Marketing in Vermont. What a lovely spot to be in as the temperatures climb in other parts of the U.S. I understand that Vermont enjoys 80 degree weather in the hottest parts of the summer. Woohoo!
  • Our oldest grandchild turns 5 on July 22nd. Wow. It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years already since Aidan was born. Next thing you know she’ll be graduating from high school. Did I mention it sucks to get old?
  • You would think that July would be a lazier time at work on a University campus, wouldn’t you? Not so here in Web Communications. We are crazy busy with project after project. It’s amazing how little down time we have. I guess it’s nice to be needed. Job security, job security, job security…
  • July is the last full month of summer vacation for students. Most go back to school during the latter part of August. Seems like once August gets here there are feelings of melancholy because summer vacation is over and anticipation for the new school year to start. I remember being so excited about getting new tennis shoes when I was a kid. August was new tennis shoe month. And crayons. There’s something about a brand new box of crayons. Ahhhh, school supplies. There’s a memory for you!
  • Funny how we already anticipate the end of the month and it’s not even the middle of the month yet. I know why! Payday. 🙂

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