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And the diagnosis is… July 11, 2008

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A torn ligament and sprain of the right ankle. Not what I thought it was going to be, but, manageable. My foot/ankle are in an air cast now for 2-4 weeks. The good news is that I can still wear some shoes with this type of cast. The bad news is that my foot will just have to be painful until things heal up. No magic cure, no immediate relief.

I’m supposed to stay off it as much as I can, especially for the first week or so. I’m not quite sure how that’s going to work with my having to walk all over campus for meetings, taking the church youth group to Six Flags a week from now and just generally doing my daily chores. However, it’s my hope that if I behave and follow instructions as much as possible I’ll be healed up and cast-free by the time I fly to Vermont for the CASE Summer Institute.

The big mystery is how does one tear a ligament and sprain an ankle without knowing it? I would never have suspected that swelling around the joint would cause the nerve involvement that made my foot hypersensitive, but, what do I know? On the plus side of things, telling people you have a torn ligament and a sprained ankle would lead them to believe you’d actually been exercising and active in the past few weeks, right? 🙂

Buying more Ibuprofen and giving up my cute new shoes for a few weeks. The doc banished them from my wardrobe. He mentioned that he assumed I was still avoiding high heels since falling and breaking my elbow awhile back. Why is it that doctors always forget the things you want them to remember and remember the things you wish they would forget? Sigh. They must teach them that in medical school (along with how to write illegibly).

No meetings today. It’s a good start.


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