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The excitement of starting third grade July 14, 2008

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There’s something kind of cute about my daughter’s level of excitement about starting the third grade. After all, she’s 23. Seems a strange age to start third grade, right? Not if you’re the teacher and this is your very first class to teach all by yourself.

I get phone calls and visits that revolve around the intensity and difficulty of master’s program courses or the unfettered excitement about finally getting in a room with little people and getting to teach after all the years of working and preparing for that moment. She is, perhaps, the only person I know who is excited about the possibility of teaching in one of the trailers (a.k.a. mobile classrooms).

At last there will be a home for the 1000+ books she’s collected to start her classroom library. She gets to paint one wall of her room and is busy planning the mural that will fill that space. It has to be colorful and interesting and exciting because her little people have to be excited about learning. Another perfectly wonderful thing is that she gets to teach at the expressive arts elementary school where approximately 19 languages are spoken and the children/parents request to attend because of the focus on the arts. After all, she does have a technical theatre minor. In fact, the location of her classroom couldn’t be more perfect as the outdoor theatre is right behind her trailer. BONUS!

There will be so many things through the years that may put a damper on the enthusiasm of a teacher like budget cuts, district politics, unsupportive parents, students who don’t care. But, there will never be a first day of school that’s more important and more exciting than the one this fall when Mrs. Arnone will enter her own classroom for the first time and begins to answer her calling: to mold young minds and create the next generation of teachers, doctors, engineers, researchers, etc. The world could use a few more Mrs. Arnones. But, maybe I’m a bit biased. After all, as her mother, I think she’s the best teacher a third grader could have! 🙂


One Response to “The excitement of starting third grade”

  1. Mrs.Arnone Says:

    Awww… thanks Ma!

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