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Random musings about walking down the hall at work July 16, 2008

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Now there’s a strange title for you. It’s simply and interesting thing to walk down the hallway at work because what you hear, see and sometimes smell is such a random experience.

  • Hmmm, I wonder why when Josh brought cookies into the office and said they would be in the break room they weren’t. They were in his office instead. What does it mean? (addendum from a later trip down the hall: cookies are now in the break room)
  • Wow, that has to be absolutely the biggest coffee cup I’ve ever seen on Jason’s desk. Uh, nope, strike that. The one on Paul’s desk is definitely bigger. Although, does it still qualify as a cup or is it now more like a bucket?
  • You can tell a lot about people’s snack habits by taking a trip down the hallway. I see a banana, there’s a granola bar…I have Jolly Ranchers (that are starting to get a bit sticky—better eat them faster).
  • Some desks are messy, some are extremely organized and some have a layer of dust. I won’t say which ones are which, you know who you are…
  • There is one office door that is closed right now because Christine left us last Friday on her way to her new home in Lexington KY.
  • Wow, we should do more exciting things with our bulletin board. I think random photos of people in the office would be nice. Especially strange, quirky ones.
  • Did you know the Spider Man lives in our offices? Actually Spider MEN. Many of them in all shapes, sizes and configurations. You should see them. Very impressive collection.
  • We also have chickens. I have three in my office (Fat Chick, Henrietta and Gregory Pecked). I also have a toad that thinks he’s a bird. His name is Pigeon. (Get it? Pigeon-toad. HaHAAAAhahaha.)
  • The office across the hall has turned into an oasis of purple colors, cut flowers and many, many green plants. Somewhere in the middle of all this is someone named Lisa who writes about children, animals and old people (and many other things) and wears cute hats.
  • Sometimes when I walk down the hall I get the incredible urge to salute. This usually happens when I’m passing by Dr. Smith’s office. He’s not only the retired University Registrar, but, also a retired Air Force Colonel.
  • Looked to my right and noticed the break room is a P-I-G sty! Mercy, you could catch a disease in there. Glad I only have to heat up my leftovers and get a glass of water.
  • Jeremiah’s having lovely nutritional hot pockets for lunch. Mmmmm, yummy. I’m having a leftover hot dog. Ever wonder what’s in that? DON’T.
  • New item on the break room white board. Uh oh. Josh posted something about typography. Way over my head. I barely know how to spell!
  • Karen’s and Shane’s office doors are closed. They’re gone to a wrestling banquet. Hope they don’t have to wrestle anyone for their lunch. Regardless, it’ll have to be better than a hot dog!
  • Well, I’m passing back by the office with the chickens, Jolly Ranchers, messy desk and empty fountain. Think I’ll go in and sit down. My phone is ringing… 🙂

One Response to “Random musings about walking down the hall at work”

  1. Chris Says:

    If ever there were a blog entry to cause pure nostalgia in a former Web Com guy, this is it. I’m glad to hear that Lisa has turned that office into an oasis!

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