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How I Survived Six Flags July 20, 2008

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Saturday, July 19

Woke early and put on my orange tee shirt. Made a nice ham and egg breakfast for the family. Helped gather and pack all of the necessities for the day.

Sunscreen, 50SPF. Check

Ibuprofen, large bottle (take 4 before packing). Check

Make sure there are trash bags and napkins with the food we packed last night. Check

Camera, charged and ready. Check

Large purse with plenty of room so I could carry everyone else’s stuff all day. Check

Sunglasses. Check.

Okay, looks like I’m ready. Load up the Tahoe and head to the designated meeting place. Park and reload charter bus with all of the coolers and gear. Wow, this parking lot is crawling with people with orange tee shirts just like mine. Looks like hunting season out here!

Boarded the bus and we’re off. Yes, you guessed it. Church youth group trip to Six Flags. Since I’m obviously not youth, I must be one of the chaperones. Yup, that’s it. It’s the only explanation for a 40+ year old woman with skin that burns easily, an air cast on her leg and an aversion to theme parks heading for Six Flags on a perfectly good Saturday. It must be because it’s for her church and her kids. They’re both worth the pain.

I’m teasing. We had about 34 making the trip yesterday and it was a wonderful time. No problems with any of the kids. They were all great. It was nice to be able to get to know some of the other kids. Happened to find kindred spirits in some other band geeks like I used to be. COOL!

Although my poor ankle was pretty roughed up by the end of the day, overall I was none the worse for wear. I minor bit of sun on my nose and neck, but, not too bad. I can truthfully say I really enjoyed it and hope all the kids did too. Our church really got behind the effort and the work was well distributed for a change. That was nice and a good sign that things are changing—for the better!

Here are some shots of the group. Love those orange tee-shirts. You can see them in any crowd!


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