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Random musings about strange physical injuries July 22, 2008

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Interesting title, huh? This was on my mind this morning because I heard from our pastor’s wife that she had a mishap and missed three of her basement stairs, causing her to fall hard on her “pride” and bruise it to the point she can’t sit down.

Brought to mind some of the more interesting injuries I’ve had over the years. Funny thing about me (or actually, not so funny) is that I seem to be accident and injury prone. Some of the more interesting injuries include a broken tail bone when I was about 6 months pregnant, a wrist that was broken for 3 days before we realized it was broken, a broken nose caused by a toddler falling on my face (it’s a long story—don’t ask), a broken radial head in my elbow obtained when wearing high heels and multi-tasking (again, don’t ask), and most recently what appear to be torn ligaments and a sprain of my right ankle (have no idea how I did that, but, it makes it sound as though I’m athletic).

  • Ever wonder what a doctor says to a pregnant woman with a broken tail bone? “I can’t xray you, can’t give you pain meds. What do you want me to do, put your butt in a sling?”
  • Never could understand why when I broke my wrist I had to wear a cast up to my shoulder. Seemed like overkill to me. However, it provided more space for my family and friends to write their names.
  • Ever wonder what the elbow of an eleven year old’s cast looks like after a fight on the school bus? Let’s just say it looked better than the face of the 10 year old bully that picked on her.
  • You know you’re getting old when you step out of bed one morning and you get a stress fracture in your foot just by putting your weight on it. Man, I need to go on a diet!
  • You know you’ve had too many surgeries when your mid-section looks like Zorro left his mark.
  • Know what’s worse than a surgery? A staff infection that takes 7 weeks to heal. YUCK!
  • Ever try to put on panty hose with your left arm in a cast? Don’t. You could put your eye out trying something like that!
  • Are you kidding me? Every cast I ever had was white plaster. Now they have beautiful rainbow colors like purple, blue and hot pink. I may need to go break something else just for the pleasure of looking fashionably injured!
  • You know your doctor views you as accident prone when he greets you with “What did you break this time?”
  • People like me are the reason that people like you have high insurance premiums. You’re welcome!

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