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Random musings about Jason’s wedding July 26, 2008

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The day finally came. Jason finally took the plunge and became Mr. Kristina Fry. Wait, no, that’s not how it works. Kristina finally took the plunge and became Mrs. Jason Rollins. Well, regardless of how it happened, somehow by the end of the day, they ended up Mr. & Mrs. till death do they part.

It was a beautiful wedding and reception. Almost everyone from Web Com made it to the event, all cleaned up and in our best bibs and tuckers to cheer him on. As I watched I made special note in my mind of all the things that would need to make it into my blog when I got home.

  • On Friday I remember Shane saying “see you on Saturday at 3.” I should have checked my invitation again. There’s a really good reason my signature is the first one on the guest book list. However, we got really good seats!
  • There is some really impressive woodwork in the Missouri Methodist Church. And a killer pipe organ. Did you ever wonder what poor soul has to shinny up there and dust all that woodwork? Poor thing!
  • Young women who are candlelighters should always rehearse wearing the shoes they’ll be wearing at the wedding—especially when stairs are involved. There’s something very concerning about young girls teetering on steps when fire is involved.
  • Jason smiled a lot today. I mean, a lot more than usual and he always smiles a lot. It was cute.
  • A moment fit for a Hallmark commercial: Jason and his Dad standing together watching the moms light candles (also teetering on high heels on the steps). Jason put his arm around his Dad and patted his back. When Jason removed his arm, his Dad did exactly the same thing back. It was really moving.
  • Audie. Little guy. Ring bearer. Stole the show. He and the flower girl stood facing the congregation and Audie kept peeking around the bride at his Mom and waving. And then, the pillow fell on the floor. The wedding wouldn’t have been complete without a completely precious Audie moment.
  • The organ sounded, the congregation stood up and the bride appeared on the arm of her father. I didn’t know which one to look at, Kristina or Jason. Jason’s face at that moment was something I wouldn’t have missed seeing. Perfect.
  • My husband and son didn’t know the hymn we sang. We’re Baptists, it was a Methodist hymnal and they don’t sight read. Oh well, they were in good company. I heard a lot of other “silent singers” around me.
  • Loved the pastor. Nice combination of humor, formality and reverence.
  • Did I mention that it was an interesting experience to hear Lennon/McCartney music played on a pipe organ?
  • Jason looks just like his Dad. And his cousin Derek. And Audie. The Rollins family genes make a great impression in all generations. Kristina, did you take a good look at Jason’s Dad before you got married? I think that’s what you’ll get in a few decades!
  • The bride and groom were driven away from the church in the Shakespeare’s Pizza bicycle thingy. And, they went to Starbuck’s for coffee before arriving at the reception! Hey Jason, where’s my skinny vanilla latte, dude?
  • Nice touch having Barley appear for a few family photos between the wedding and reception.
  • Christine and Andrew drove all the way back from Lexington, KY for the wedding. Wow. That’s impressive. And they just moved a week or two ago! What friends!
  • This is the only wedding I’ve ever attended where the father/bride dance was Waylon Jennings’ “Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys.” I’ll have to hear the story behind that one.
  • Seemed strange seeing Shane sitting at a table with no camera. Really, really weird.
  • And Josh wore a long sleeved shirt and a tie. Haven’t seen THAT in a while! And noticed that Allen had forgotten to wear a belt. Darn it. I knew someone would notice that.
  • Good cookies. Came from the Fulton bakery “Cake Creations.” They always do a nice job. I ate mine before dinner. I’m just like a kid, I couldn’t wait.
  • Beautiful wedding, nice day and hope the bride and groom will be very happy together. As we were leaving the wedding, Jason told me to call him if I needed anything at the office this week. He was kidding, right? Cause, I may have a problem with the CMS…
  • Maybe I will call him. After all, he asked me to! 🙂

2 Responses to “Random musings about Jason’s wedding”

  1. Gilzow Says:

    Actually, Shane *did* have his camera with him. The camera had a chair of its own next to Shane.

  2. auntlelo Says:

    Yes, well, at least I didn’t take any photos of my colleagues posing face down on the table next to a stack of empty wine glasses. Shame on you Shane!

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