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I can’t believe she’s going to do it! July 30, 2008

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Fat Chick: “I can’t believe she’s going to do that, can you?”

Henrietta: “Oh dear, oh dear. It’s highly inappropriate! I’m so embarrassed. She said it looks just like ME! BAWK!”

Gregory Pecked: “Now girls, calm down. It’s just for a bit of fun. A little drama and some levity are great for a presentation. You shouldn’t get your feathers in such a ruffle. After all, most of those people don’t even know about us.”

Fat Chick: “Gregory, you’re such a pinhead! It’s just stupid and silly to stand in front of a group of people and wear a hat that looks like, like…Henrietta is sitting on your head!”

Henrietta: “Oh my goodness, what will my friends say?”

Fat Chick: “Good grief, Henrietta, you know what they’ll say. We’re the only friends you’ve got, remember?”

Henrietta: “That’s not true! I have another friend!”

Fat Chick: “You mean that little toad over there who thinks he’s a bird? What’s his name—Pigeon? Ya, I’d really want the world to know I had a warty little toad who’s touched in the head as a friend.”

Gregory Pecked: “Don’t you think you’re being a bit hard on the little chap, Fat Chick? After all, he doesn’t say bad things about you being a little, well, overly plump.”

Henrietta: “Oh my goodness, Gregory, you shouldn’t have said that. You know she’s going to get even.”

Fat Chick: “Well, you pompous bag of feathers! I took pity on you after finding you on and making you my boyfriend and you have the nerve—THE NERVE—to say something like that to me. I think I’ll have to banish you to the shelf with old toady boy.”

Gregory Pecked: “Now Fat Chick, you know I won’t fit on the shelf and that I’m afraid of heights!”

Fat Chick: “Too bad, feather brain. Looks like you clucked one too many times for your own good. Take a hike rooster boy!”

Gregory Pecked: “I just hate high rise apartments! Unless, of course, it’s a henhouse suite!”


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