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Random musings about my first day in Burlington, VT August 3, 2008

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I arrived in Burlington yesterday. It was a long trip (St. Louis to Cleveland to Burlington). However, it was mostly uneventful. I was happy about that. One of our faculty had very unfortunate experiences going through Washington, DC. The weather turned nasty in the afternoon and messed all sorts of air travel up. We were very happy, though, when he arrived in time for dinner.

I thought I’d share with you a few of my random thoughts about the first day in Burlington.

  • I thought it was ironic that the cab driver who drove me to the campus was sweating and complaining about the heat. It was about 78 degrees when I got here. Can you believe it?
  • I finally found someone else with a greater addiction to her pocket size technology than me. Her name is Tina and her ITouch was in her hand all through dinner. Whenever we chatted about something, she’d look it up. Her new nickname is now “Look It Up Tina.”
  • Have you ever seen grown people compete at who could hang a spoon from their nose? (No, I didn’t start this. It was Tom.) However, I did win. I don’t think anyone else was able to actually swing the spoon back and forth while hanging it from their nose. 🙂
  • There was a great deal of discussion about the trauma caused to the delicate sensibilities of both Tracy and Rae when they had to go into Spencer’s Gifts in downtown Burlington to pick up some prizes and giveaways for the conference. Oh my gosh…the things you see in a store these days would make your hair curl!
  • We’re waiting to see if Dave and Shane can manage to repeat the success of their Summer Institute songwriting now that the gig has moved north to Vermont. More on that later.
  • Did you know that there are more cattle than people, per capita, in Vermont? Or something like that. It was a topic during dinner at the other end of the table. I know that “Look It Up Tina” looked it up, but, couldn’t hear exactly how it turned out.
  • It’s a bit cold and rainy up here right now. I think I must have brought the rain with me. Unfortunately, my umbrella is still at home.
  • I had paella for dinner last night. I guess I always thought paella was made with saffron rice. This was made with cappellini pasta. Interesting.
  • I’m looking forward to the week.

One Response to “Random musings about my first day in Burlington, VT”

  1. Gilzow Says:

    Please tell the cab driver that we are MORE than happy to swap weather with him. It’s supposed to be 102º today with a heat index of somewhere around 110º-115º!!! =(

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