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Why my cell phone and I are NOT friends August 10, 2008

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My cell phone is my mortal enemy. Not the work phone, the personal phone. You see, my family insists that I never answer my cell phone and that I’m terribly hard to get in touch with. I’m sure that’s probably true, but, I don’t think most people realize why. Let me share with you some reasons why my cell phone and I are not friends.

  • I have to make a conscious decision each day in meetings to turn off the ringer on my cell phone so I don’t interrupt meetings or draw the criticism of my colleagues because I am a distraction. I’m in meetings most days, sometimes several times a day. The ringer is usually off during the day unless I check my phone to see if I received calls or got messages.
  • I carry a big purse. I am the family “saddle bag.” Not only do I carry those thing I need, but, I’m usually carrying stuff for other people. A cell phone like mine gets lost in the cavernous pockets in my purse. By the time I get to it, it’s stopped ringing.
  • Another thing about a purse: it’s usually sitting on the floor next to my feet—about as far away from my ears as it can get. I don’t always hear it when it rings (think the noise level in most public places at lunchtime like Chipotle) and I don’t always feel it if it vibrates (not on my body, but on the floor). Most men have their cell phones in their pockets where they can both hear it and feel it if it rings.
  • What did my family do in the days before cell phones? I wonder how short my personal leash is going to get? I carry two phones (one for work and one for home). There’s email (two accounts), text messaging and paging. In this instant gratification society we live in there’s no excuse accepted or forgiveness for not answering your cell phone.
  • I hate to talk on the phone. Really, really hate it. I rarely call other people to chit chat. I have to talk on the phone frequently during the day as a part of my job. I’ll make a call or talk to people if I have something I need to say, but, I don’t just call people for the heck of it. I’m sure there’s something psychological about not answering my cell phone. Make something out of it if you want to.
  • It’s hereditary. At least I turn my cell phone on. My mom has one that we’ve all realized is for outgoing calls only. She leaves it off the rest of the time. If I want to talk to her I call my Dad’s or my sister’s cell numbers. I don’t hear everyone yelling about Grandma not answering HER phone!
  • I don’t collect ring tones. I don’t have cute little pictures of all my contacts on my phone. Most of the things I have are things my son Allen did when my phone was new. He loves playing with that stuff. It’s not my thing.
  • I love all of you, but, don’t take it personally if you can’t get me to answer your call during the day. Remember, I have a job and I’m working. Remember, my phone is in my purse and my old ears don’t hear as well as they used to. And remember, email is my favorite form of communication when we’re not together in person.
  • Quit yelling at me for not answering my cell phone. It’s not going to help. It’s only going to make me mad. And remember, when Mama’s not happy nobody’s happy. 🙂

One Response to “Why my cell phone and I are NOT friends”

  1. Gilzow Says:

    Amen on points five and eight! I’ve taken a verbal lashing or two for not answering my (personal) cell phone during the work day. Unfortunately, I come from a family of chit-chatters. I have tried and tried and tried to get them to just email me, but 90% of the time, they end up calling, and then get upset when I don’t answer.

    I need to look into some of those services that will convert voicemails into emails…..

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