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Drums beating into my brain… August 18, 2008

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m a band geek from WAY back. I love a good marching band and think that Marching Mizzou is the coolest. But…


Yes, I was screaming when I typed that line. It’s the only way to be heard. You see, the drum line is practicing on the south and east sides of my building (not altogether, mind you, but in small groups all playing something different at the same time)and they’re mowing the grass just outside the window on the north side. Somebody, please, just shoot me!

When I finally caved in and called the band office begging for mercy, I was given short shrift by the student answering the phone who was obviously offending by my innocent little question “How much longer will the drummers be drumming today?” He informed me they would be out in force until at least 4 p.m. Then, of course, there’s the rest of the week to look forward to.

If anyone wants me, I’ll be at the funny farm with the rest of the asylum inmates. The drums are finally pushing me over the edge!


2 Responses to “Drums beating into my brain…”

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  2. Gilzow Says:

    I was in drumline all through high school. I love the movie Drumline. But even I found the drumming to be a bit much yesterday. It’s one thing when they are practicing together. It’s completely different when you are hearing 20+ drummers at once, all practicing something different. I guess I’ll have turn the volume on my speakers up to 11 today.

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