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Everyone is running! August 19, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — auntlelo @ 7:06 am

As the students slowly return to campus, I notice many things changing. Certainly the phones are ringing more often as students try to find information online. Then, of course, there are little things like Marching Mizzou practicing. This morning I noticed that everyone around me seemed to be running.

It’s usually pretty quiet in the mornings when I arrive at the office. There aren’t normally too many people around yet at 6:30 or 6:45 a.m. However, it seemed this morning there were joggers everywhere. Alone, in pairs, in a small group—lots of them! This must be the time of day for the truly dedicated athlete to go out and do their thing. I counted at least 8 different people just from Providence Rd. until I pulled into my parking lot just a block or so away. Amazing!

What was more amazing was the choice of attire. I must say, some of these folks are pretty brave to wear the things they do out in public. Ah well, when you’re physically fit I guess you want the whole world to notice it, right? 🙂


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