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Random thoughts about the start of classes August 22, 2008

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This past week marked the beginning of classes for my teenage son, my granddaughter who started kindergarten, and my daughter who began her career as a teacher. It was a strange experience for me as I had such different feelings about each one of those events.

  • You really start to feel old when you have both a child and a grandchild starting school in the same week. All I know is that I heaved a big sigh of relief that my child was a sophomore and not starting kindergarten!
  • The teenage boy returning to high school doesn’t have the same level of excitement attached as the little girls going to grade school. There was no agonizing over what to wear (Allen usually wears cargo shorts and an American Eagle tee shirt).
  • When your child starts the first day of school as the teacher, you get a whole different set of jitters. “Will the kids like her? Will she have any problem children? Am I going to be mad when a parent yells at her?” I guess she’s ready. She’s a pretty good teacher if I do say so myself!
  • Do you remember the days when choosing a backpack or tennis shoes or a lunchbox for school was exciting? I remember having a pink Barbie lunchbox one year and it was cool. My husband still has his very first lunchbox from first grade. Bozo the Clown. You know you’re getting old when you see your lunchbox on eBay selling for a nice price as a collectible!
  • Our granddaughter told us last night that she cried at school because she missed her Mom. Wonder if she’d be surprised to know how good it probably made her Mom feel that she was missed? Especially since she ran to get on the school bus and never looked back!
  • Since we’re talking about classes starting, I can’t neglect the effect this will have on my work day. I love the excitement of things getting busy on campus again, but, I’m not looking forward to traffic and parking congestion and having to stand in long lines at Chipotle again.

What do you have to report about the first day of school?


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