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Today I’m cleaning off my desk August 26, 2008

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I’ll admit it. I’m a messy desk person. I go to meetings and come back with handouts, notes and such and they fall on my desk until I need them. Today I’m going to take some time beginning right after this post and restore order to my work area.

I’ve also been thinking about making some changes in my office. It’s looked exactly the same since I moved in it. Because of the size of the desk I can’t really move it around much, although I really like what others in the department have done by moving theirs around a bit. I feel like I need some spots of color here and there. I’d love to sneak in on a weekend and paint my office some really exciting color, but, I think that’s sort of against the rules here.

So, I have some ideas about how I might improve my office space and breathe new life into it. Anyone want to share some of their best office redecorating ideas?


One Response to “Today I’m cleaning off my desk”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Since you can’t color on the walls, you could Frame it. You could get different fabics and find some pictures that you like and use the fabric as a back drop for the picture. They would need to be bigger pictures and you could get some frames at Hobby Lobby or something. That’s my idea.

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