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Random musings about hurricanes August 29, 2008

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I’m sitting here watching the morning news and weather and, of course, had some random thoughts hit with regard to hurricanes.

  • Who names these stupid things anyway? Gustav? GUSTAV? Come on!
  • There is so much hype about these tropical storms before they hit land that I swear the hurricanes go ahead and hit out of sheer guilt so they don’t make the weathermen look bad.
  • Based on the speculation that Gustav MIGHT become a hurricane and MIGHT hit land and MIGHT hit land in Louisianna in areas where we have oil refineries, gas prices immediately increased 10-20 cents. How come the gas prices never fall that quickly?
  • I think weatherman really enjoy the excitement of hurricane season. They get almost giddy when they’re reporting about things like “high winds and mass destruction.”
  • There have been so many massive natural disasters in the past few years that I worry we’ve gotten almost desensitized to the normal stuff. So much so that people aren’t as quick to offer aid and assistance. Makes me feel bad.
  • Is the rain we had last night related to the hurricane? Appears not. That particular rain was imported compliments of our friends to the north in Canada.
  • I think the next hurricane should be called Hercules. At least that sounds like something that should be applied to a really heavy hitting storm. Calling a storm Fay or Gustav just sounds wimpy.

One Response to “Random musings about hurricanes”

  1. reader Says:

    uh, you should actually read up on how they name storms before you post about how stupid the names are. they are actually agreed upon by the international community which would explain why “gustav” was chosen.

    i’m sure you’ll just delete this comment anyway because it appears you don’t ever like to be wrong.

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