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What is a pawpaw? September 5, 2008

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Last night at church was children’s emphasis night. We sang lots of children’s songs at the opening of the service and it was great fun. At one point, I was describing to the kids a song that I learned as a small child in the nursery called Picking Up PawPaws and Putting Them in My Pocket. I asked the kids if any of them knew what a pawpaw was.

My niece Emma raised her hand and I asked “Emma, what is a PawPaw?” She pointed to the back of the room at my Dad and said “There’s Pa Pa!” Out of the mouths of babes…

For those of you who don’t know that a pawpaw is not another term for Grandpa, here’s a photo. It’s a fruit that grows around here in central Missouri and has a flesh that is similar to a peach.


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