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The menu is changing with the weather September 8, 2008

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I love summer and warm weather. It brings with it the grilling season, fresh produce from the garden and wonderful salads. But, no matter how much I love summer grilling season, my favorite time of year is fall.

As the weather presented some cooler weather our menu reflected the change. This week we’ve already begun to enjoy some of those warming one-dish meals that are some of our favorites. Sunday night was chicken and noodles. Tonight it was blackeyed peas with ham and cornbread. I have more cooked and diced chicken to use up so I’m thinking about chicken pot pie for later in the week. Mmmmm. Doesn’t that sound yummy?

I’m also looking forward to apple harvest. It’s about time to lay in a supply of jonathans and make homemade cinnamon apple sauce to put up for the winter. There’s nothing that smells better than cinnamon apples cooking in your kitchen. The smell of cooking apples will always remind me of my Granny Hamilton. You could pick me up and take away every other sense I have except smell and drop me in her house and I would know exactly where I was because it ALWAYS smelled like apples. What a nice memory.

What are some of your fall favorites? I could use a few new ideas to add to the mix. We love food at our house! 🙂


One Response to “The menu is changing with the weather”

  1. Gilzow Says:

    agreed. Fall/Winter has become my favorite time of year. Hot dishes (Noelle is from MN), lasagna, homemade soups… MMMmmmmm….

    Noelle has a Mexican manicotti dish that is DELICIOUS.

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