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Random musings about church dinners October 5, 2008

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I spent a large portion of my day today at church. Not surprising since it’s Sunday. However, today there was a funeral for one of our church members and there was a big dinner served following the services so I was there longer than usual.

It brought to mind the many church dinners I’ve attended throughout the years and I thought I’d share some of those random musings about that old time tradition: Baptist carry-in dinners.

  • Everyone has their favorite food they make a beeline for at church dinners. Our pastor is addicted to fried chicken. My husband always wants to make sure he gets a piece of Patsy’s lemon meringue pie. Whenever Alma brings homemade rolls, those are gone in a flash.
  • My standard contributions are hash brown casseroles, cookie salad, pie (usually lemon, butterscotch, apple or coconut), jambalaya or chicken enchiladas. I think we need to add a little spice to church dinners!
  • I always get tickled when I see the teenie tiny little dishes of food the older ladies bring. After cooking for one or two people of small appetite for so long, they’ve forgotten how to cook in ample amounts. Those dishes are usually emptied out after about two men go through the line.
  • Thank God we finally moved to paper plates and plastic forks and spoons. I remember hearing the older folks talk about the days before we used those and the stacks and stacks of plates and silverware that had to be washed after lunch.
  • There were over 5 dozen deviled eggs served at lunch today and that still wasn’t enough. What in the world did we do before deviled eggs were created? Those are almost their own food group!
  • Things necessary to church carry-in dinners in the 21st century: Pyrex portable carrying bags, crock pots with lids that snap down for travel, rubbermaid containers (cause they’re cheaper than Tupperware) and somehow someone always loses a lid, Bunn coffee makers that replenish the coffee FAST, disposable dinnerware and convenience food (brought by the people who like to eat homemade stuff but don’t like to cook it).
  • Some of the worst things that can happen at a church dinner: you put something on your plate that tastes awful and unintentionally sit across from the person who made it and feel obligated to eat all of it. 😦 Someone takes your crockpot lid and the one they leave behind doesn’t fit your crockpot. 😦 You are helping clean up after lunch and drop and break someone’s dish. You find out later it was one someone gave them for a wedding gift 40+ years ago. 😦 No one brings fried chicken. 😦 All of the good stuff is gone before you get through the line. 😦 You get the wrong deviled eggs and they’re not the GOOD ones.:(
  • What are some of the things people remember for years? That Oma Harris made the best homemade angelfood cake in the days before mixes, that you had to keep a close eye on the boys because they’d steal your rolls right off your plate, and that this is what fellowship is all about. Good times.

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