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It’s not everyday you attend a 95th birthday party! October 26, 2008

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Rev. C.F. Croy celebrates his 95th birthday

Rev. C.F. Croy celebrates his 95th birthday

This weekend Mark and I traveled to south Missouri to attend a celebration in honor of his uncle’s 95th birthday. Comodore F. Croy, commonly known as Rev. C.F. Croy, has been a central figure in the Croy clan. The eldest of 8 children, he has enjoyed a long and very active life. Starting with humble beginnings in the little Missouri town of Bucklin, he eventually became a Holiness Church minister and owned and operated Croy Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning in Denver.

I’m so glad we took the time to make the trip. Mark was able to be with members of his family he hadn’t seen for a long timeS—some as long as twenty or more years! I got to enjoy many stories of the antics of a bunch of young boys from the Rocky Mountain Bible School. I also got to put some of the faces, names and family connections together after being a member of the Croy family for almost 17 years. Trust me, it’s a BIG family and they’re scattered all over the United States. Interesting that when I booked my trip to speak at a conference next week in Seattle, I didn’t realize I had family there! Who knew?

One of the most amazing stories that came out of the weekend was that one of Mark’s older cousins had married a man who was also from the Fulton area. Come to find out, my 85 year old Sunday School teacher was his first grade teacher back in the forties. What an incredibly small world it is!

Happy birthday Uncle Comodore. What amazing things you must have seen and done in a 95 year life!


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