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Christmas cheer in the office November 24, 2008

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I’m definitely looking forward to Thanksgiving and will be exceedingly grateful for a good many things. Mostly, I’ll be glad that a couple of big projects will be finally moved out the door and the team can take a breath and get caught up. December will be a month of just that. Catching up and getting ready for all those things to come in 2009.

We’re already beginning to chat about decorating the offices. That’s the nice thing about working with a bunch of fun and creative people. Someone always comes up with really cute ideas and provides inspiration for the rest of us.

There are a bunch of great cooks in the office and they’ll all be doing their best to spread the Christmas calories around. Hope there’s plenty of chocolate to be had!

I’m sure there will be plenty of music. There’s ALWAYS plenty of music in our office. In fact, I heard Handel’s Messiah in Jason and Josh’s office today and Jason was singing along. (Very well, too, I might add!)

It’s been a long time since I’ve paid much attention to writing in the old blog. Maybe the chickens will even have time to make a holiday appearance in the next few weeks!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Getting revved up for the holidays! November 10, 2008

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Now that the election is over, the leaves have fallen and the weather’s cooling, it’s time to turn my attention to the upcoming holidays. There is no shortage of tradition to keep me adequately busy, but, I always like to try a little something new to keep life interesting.

Thanksgiving is coming up first and we’ll be having it at our house. Although several of our children will be with other family that day, we still have plenty of family coming to eat the turkey dinner we have planned. The only break with tradition we’ll have on that day will be that Mark and I will be sharing the cooking duties. My sweetie has become a fine cook and a tremendous help in the kitchen. Obviously, the now famous butterhorn rolls will be on the menu!

I’m getting things ready for Christmas and am asking for all of the wish lists and doing a bunch of online shopping. The cantata music being delivered and we’ll start practicing in choir this week. We’ve adopted our families and are making our plans for how to share our blessings with others.

I’m determined to take the time to really enjoy the holidays with my family, my work family and my church family this year. Each day should be something special to look forward to, not for the gifts, but for the closeness and the memories we can make.

So, get ready for the turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. I can hardly wait!


Appreciating our pastor with fried chicken November 8, 2008

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Last month was Pastor Appreciation Month. We take that pretty seriously at our church and encouraged members of our congregation to show their pastor and his family, in their own way, how much they appreciate their service and care about them.

So, guess what? In our family, we show we care by preparing a feast in honor of that person. This evening we enjoyed the company of our pastor and his family and fed them well. It was especially enjoyable because Mark and I did this together (I’m really starting to like this whole kitchen sharing thing)!

Bro. Steve has always said his favorite thing is fried chicken, so of course that’s what we served. A whole mountain of it, along with mashed “taters” and gravy, corn, cole slaw, cinnamon applesauce and Mark’s homemade butterhorn rolls (those are perfect and just like his Mom’s, by the way). For dessert, homemade blackberry pie.

I think he feels pretty appreciated. Not to mention probably having indigestion! 🙂


My husband’s quest for the perfect butterhorn roll November 3, 2008

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Bread baking is an honored Croy family tradition. My husband’s mom makes the most incredible butterhorn rolls. I have tried, but, I just don’t seem to have the same knack. Mine are always pretty, but, they’re drier and denser and heavier than hers. Grandma Croy’s rolls are soft and fluffy and melt in your mouth. Ahhh, they’re SOOOO yummy!

My husband is home recuperating from knee surgery and is pretty bored. The idea occurred to him that maybe he should try his hand at baking bread. Out came the butterhorn recipe and the experimentation began. I must say, he did a great job. Although there are things that will improve with practice, the rolls were yummy good. I think he needs to buy some fresh yeast and he’ll have better luck getting them to rise to the look and feel of Grandma Croy’s rolls, but, I think that the bread making skills have passed from mother to son.

It’s really nice to have a husband who tries new things and takes an interest in the kitchen. What a fun thing to do together! (It’s also nice to come home and have supper ready…)