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Appreciating our pastor with fried chicken November 8, 2008

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Last month was Pastor Appreciation Month. We take that pretty seriously at our church and encouraged members of our congregation to show their pastor and his family, in their own way, how much they appreciate their service and care about them.

So, guess what? In our family, we show we care by preparing a feast in honor of that person. This evening we enjoyed the company of our pastor and his family and fed them well. It was especially enjoyable because Mark and I did this together (I’m really starting to like this whole kitchen sharing thing)!

Bro. Steve has always said his favorite thing is fried chicken, so of course that’s what we served. A whole mountain of it, along with mashed “taters” and gravy, corn, cole slaw, cinnamon applesauce and Mark’s homemade butterhorn rolls (those are perfect and just like his Mom’s, by the way). For dessert, homemade blackberry pie.

I think he feels pretty appreciated. Not to mention probably having indigestion! 🙂


One Response to “Appreciating our pastor with fried chicken”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Awe, tell Daddy way to go. They look pretty tasty to me! And glad to hear your enjoying kitchen duties together. Sure wish I had heard about that fried chicken, mmm, mmm! LOL!

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