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What I love about Saturdays January 31, 2009

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Wonderful lazy Saturday mornings. The busier the week, the more you cherish Saturdays. Here are a few of the random reasons why Saturday is such a special day of the week:

  • There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning without an alarm clock knowing that if you want a few more minutes you can just snuggle up under the covers and go back to sleep.
  • Time to savor a lazy cup of coffee (or two) while you look out the window and watch the rest of the world wake up. The birds seem so much more interesting and colorful first thing in the morning.
  • As much as I hate doing housework, I love the way it looks and smells after all the Saturday chores are done.
  • It’s so much fun to plan the menus for the week and make up the shopping list. Even on a diet. ESPECIALLY on a diet!
  • Some Saturdays are full of visitors like my kids and grandkids. Perfect excuses to bake cookies and play Barbies.
  • There are always a few extra minutes to play computer or video games.
  • I like taking Allen to his guitar lessons and watching and hearing him get better every week.
  • Spending more time with my family.
  • Having my Mom and Dad, etc. , in for supper. Love the visits.
  • Taking a longer shower. (If the teenager is still asleep, I can take one with hot water which is even MORE exciting!)
  • Knowing when I go to bed there’s one more day at home before going back to work. Ahhhhh…

Lots of company January 30, 2009

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As I’ve been blogging about my recent health crisis, I’ve come to realize that I’m by no means alone when it comes to facing trying times. There have been many others who have had some serious health issues, including my pastor. In addition, there have been several sudden and unexpected deaths within our church family and extended family.

While the natural thing is to focus on one’s own difficulties, I am certainly putting my time to better use praying for and supporting others. It isn’t healthy to dwell on your own problems. It leads you into depression and meltdown and just makes you feel sorry for yourself. I sure am glad I have family and friends who give me a kick in the pants right when I need it. No matter what I have on my plate, there are an awful lot of others who are facing things far worse.

This is just the self pep talk I need before I force myself into that blasted swimsuit again for another dreaded trip to the pool…


Esther Williams here…checking in January 29, 2009

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This is one week post terrifying doctors appointment. I have been swimming several times and can safely say that no one has paid the least bit of attention to the chubby woman in the Grotto (a.k.a. Adult Kiddie Pool). All this swimming is truly kicking my butt.

I’ve lost 3 pounds in week one. A friend likes to say she pictures me in one of those flowery swimming caps. I can tell you that I don’t own a swimming cap. Or goggles. Or nose plugs. Or fins.

The biggest stresser of the past week has been acclimating myself to the women’s locker room. The bottom line is that I don’t usually enjoy going through my morning routine in the company of others. Privacy is something I guess I’ll have to give up in order to get better.

Same time next week!


Up to my neck in chlorinated water January 24, 2009

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For the first time in many years, I donned a new swimsuit (chocolate brown, very chic) and entered a public pool. I was able to survive a session of about 35-40 minutes before dragging my tired and aching body from the water.

I was pretty rusty and had zero stamina to speak of. However, it was a brave effort for someone as portly as me and I guess I had to start somewhere. My back tolerated the pool fine, it was my chest that hurt something awful when I got finished. I don’t think I knew I had muscles that could ache in some of these places!

My husband accompanied me to the gym and allowed me my privacy as I tackled the pool situation. He worked out on a treadmill while I was busily trying to keep my head above water. I appreciated the support though. All of this is easier because so many family and friends have provided motivation and prayers.

Tomorrow I’ll let you know if I see any ounces melting away. I’m hoping to have shed at least 10 pounds by my next doctor’s appointment!


How one doctor’s visit can change your life January 23, 2009

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I really thought I knew what to expect when I went to the orthopaedic surgeon’s office to get the results of my MRI. I knew I had a severely herniated disc at T9-10. I assumed we’d talk about PT, losing weight and eventually surgery if conservative treatment didn’t work. I wasn’t prepared for what I heard.

Temporary disability leave; lose 50 pounds and get stronger as fast as you possibly can; spinal cord damage has already occurred; further damage could cause you to lose control of bodily functions or paralysis.

Wow. If he was trying to get my attention, he did a good job. He was blunt, and to quote him “serious as a heart attack.”

On the plus side of things, he said it was fixable, just not easy. I have to do my part or it won’t work. I have to be thinner, healthier and a whole lot stronger than I am right now. I have to exercise as much as I can tolerate every day. I’m not allowed to exercise on land, only in the water.

In the next 2-3 months, I have to lose 50 pounds to get ready for the surgery that will keep me walking, feeling and functioning. The doc wants me to give up working until all of this is over and my rehab is complete. I don’t see that happening. We’ll see how it goes. I suspect he wants my full focus to be on exercising. He also expects to pain to get worse and there’s nothing more they can do until surgery takes place. I found out in a rather miserable way that I’m allergic to steroids.

I have lots of very supportive family, friends and co-workers. I appreciate all the prayers and the show of support while I do my part to get ready. Starting today, I’ll be posting my weight loss and strength progress here so that it keeps me honest and open with myself about my status.

Tomorrow I appear in public in a swimsuit for the first time in…well, a long time. If anything requires prayer, that does.

Stay tuned. Stronger, slimmer person will be shown here in the future. In the meantime, I think the group of birds in my office will need to adopt some sort of water fowl to represent my new commitment to the pool. 🙂