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Up to my neck in chlorinated water January 24, 2009

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For the first time in many years, I donned a new swimsuit (chocolate brown, very chic) and entered a public pool. I was able to survive a session of about 35-40 minutes before dragging my tired and aching body from the water.

I was pretty rusty and had zero stamina to speak of. However, it was a brave effort for someone as portly as me and I guess I had to start somewhere. My back tolerated the pool fine, it was my chest that hurt something awful when I got finished. I don’t think I knew I had muscles that could ache in some of these places!

My husband accompanied me to the gym and allowed me my privacy as I tackled the pool situation. He worked out on a treadmill while I was busily trying to keep my head above water. I appreciated the support though. All of this is easier because so many family and friends have provided motivation and prayers.

Tomorrow I’ll let you know if I see any ounces melting away. I’m hoping to have shed at least 10 pounds by my next doctor’s appointment!


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