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Esther Williams here…checking in January 29, 2009

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This is one week post terrifying doctors appointment. I have been swimming several times and can safely say that no one has paid the least bit of attention to the chubby woman in the Grotto (a.k.a. Adult Kiddie Pool). All this swimming is truly kicking my butt.

I’ve lost 3 pounds in week one. A friend likes to say she pictures me in one of those flowery swimming caps. I can tell you that I don’t own a swimming cap. Or goggles. Or nose plugs. Or fins.

The biggest stresser of the past week has been acclimating myself to the women’s locker room. The bottom line is that I don’t usually enjoy going through my morning routine in the company of others. Privacy is something I guess I’ll have to give up in order to get better.

Same time next week!


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