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Lots of company January 30, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — auntlelo @ 9:52 am

As I’ve been blogging about my recent health crisis, I’ve come to realize that I’m by no means alone when it comes to facing trying times. There have been many others who have had some serious health issues, including my pastor. In addition, there have been several sudden and unexpected deaths within our church family and extended family.

While the natural thing is to focus on one’s own difficulties, I am certainly putting my time to better use praying for and supporting others. It isn’t healthy to dwell on your own problems. It leads you into depression and meltdown and just makes you feel sorry for yourself. I sure am glad I have family and friends who give me a kick in the pants right when I need it. No matter what I have on my plate, there are an awful lot of others who are facing things far worse.

This is just the self pep talk I need before I force myself into that blasted swimsuit again for another dreaded trip to the pool…


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