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Things I Love: In recognition of Valentine’s Day February 12, 2009

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I haven’t written in the blog for awhile. There have been lots of other things going on that have taken my time and attention, and I haven’t really felt very creative lately. However, I decided it’s time to make a long list of things I love to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Note that I didn’t say “people I love.” I’m sure all of my family and friends already know how much I love them. No, I thought it might be fun to just share a few of the other things in life that give me pleasure. Here goes:

  • Dark chocolate (oh yeah!)
  • A fire in the fireplace early in the morning with a cup of coffee
  • My Mom’s spaghetti
  • Old pictures from my childhood
  • Getting a personal, handwritten letter in the mail (that just doesn’t happen anymore)
  • Playing board games with my kids
  • Old gospel music
  • Jane Austen books
  • Watching Gone With the Wind by myself (so others don’t make comments and make fun while I watch it)
  • Old recipes that remind me of people I love
  • The smell of new leather shoes
  • Watching my dog sleep (it’s very entertaining)
  • Humor that doesn’t require vulgar language
  • Puns and analogies
  • Video games (especially Zelda)
  • Pretty earrings
  • Blue sapphires, although I’ve never owned any except the one that represents my daughter Ashley in my mother’s ring
  • My husband’s homemade bread
  • My mother-in-law’s cherry rhubarb jam (on my husband’s homemade bread)
  • Primitive antiques
  • Quilts
  • Oak
  • Going to work and being with the people in my office (most days) šŸ™‚
  • Public speaking and getting good reviews
  • Teaching others
  • Anything my husband cooks on the grill. He’s an expert!
  • Asparagus
  • The colors red, purple, green, blue and fuschia
  • I like sunrises better than sunsets
  • When my parents tell me they love me
  • Old people
  • Oral storytelling. I think I get that from my Gramps.
  • Patriotic moments
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Finding forgotten money in your coat pocket
  • Getting an unexpected call from an old friend
  • Sunday afternoon visits with family
  • Watching little people play pretend things
  • Feeling proud when my kids have done something really cool
  • Watching one of my granddaughters draw pictures of the two of us in sidewalk chalk on my walkway. (It’s still there. I won’t wash it off.)
  • Watching my gray hair come in and realizing it’s the same beautiful silver-white as my Granny’s
  • Home grown tomatoes and sweet corn
  • People who smile a lot and always say good morning
  • The German Chocolate cake my Mom always made for my birthday
  • Playing the piano for fun
  • Waking up in the morning, still being sleepy and realizing it’s Saturday! That’s just the best!
  • The smell of coffee brewing. I prefer Dunkin’ Donuts coffee beans.
  • Learning new things.
  • Making lists.

Well, this list is probably long enough. I can think of a million other things I could write, but, it’s time for supper and remembering certain foods in the list has made me hungry! Want to add a few of your favorites? Comment away!


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