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My ten favorite kitchen things February 24, 2009

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I was inspired to write this after reading another list like it from one of my favorite blogs:  The Kitchn. I’m sure many of the rest of you who cook have similar lists. Please share some of your own favorite things. I may have to add a few more to my own list if you inspire me!

1. An old sheet cake pan like my Mom’s that actually doubles as a lid to a roaster. I borrowed hers so often that when she saw one in an antique store she bought it for me. It is the perfect pan for my carrot cake recipe!

2. My Mom’s iron skillet. Again, I borrowed it so often she finally gave it to me since she didn’t use it anymore. It’s well seasoned and the perfect size for cornbread and oven pancakes.

3. My set of Wustof knives. Don’t know what I did before I had them, but, don’t think I could live without them now.

4. My family cookbook. I set about the task years ago of collecting the favorite recipes of my Mom’s and my grandmothers, adding them to my own and making copies for my other close family members. It sure did save a lot of phone calls and digging through tupperware boxes full of clippings searching for them when I needed them.

5. My Pampered Chef garlic mincer. It’s a newer addition to my kitchen and, again, don’t know how I lived without this one!

6. The KitchenAid Artisan mixer with dough hooks. Now that I have a husband that makes bread, this is an even more important kitchen tool. However, I think it’s time we graduated to the next model up in both power and capacity.

7. My walk-in pantry. This one should have been at the top of the list. I don’t know how any avid cook manages without the storage space this pantry provides. My husband did a good thing building this for me. He even finished out the interior in oak to match my kitchen cabinets!

8. My spice rack. It’s oak, has a moon-phase clock built-in and tons of  shelves and drawers for all kinds of spices. The best thing about it is that my husband made it for me as a wedding present. We designed our kitchen to leave a special space just for hanging this spice rack. Yes, it’s that important!

9. My deep-dish Longaberger pie plates. Beautiful, functional and they fit perfectly in my Longaberger pie basket that I take to church dinners.

10. My custom-made oak cabinets. They’re beautiful, they’re roomy and my husband built them for me when we built our new house. I especially love the silverware drawer that fully extends with extra heavy-duty slides and has 8 sections built-in for all kinds of silverware items.


2 Responses to “My ten favorite kitchen things”

  1. Jamie Says:

    OK, my turn…

    1. Induction cooktop – it’s more responsive and energy efficient than either gas or standard electric coils, stays cool just about everywhere despite boiling water wickedly fast, and is a breeze to clean. I’m never going back…

    2. All-clad stainless steel pots and pans – These are such an improvement over the cheapo T-fal Walmart set.

    3. Wustof Classic knives – these are from culinary school and I love them. The 10″ chef’s knife is my fave, but the boning knife comes in second.

    4. My wood island top – It was supposed to be butcher block, but the guy building it apparently didn’t know what that meant. I still like it, even though it won’t last near as long as true butcher block.

    5. Le Crueset Dutch Oven – I think it holds 5 qts., but give or take, it’s perfect for chili and soup. Using that on my induction cooktop means I don’t need to have a slow cooker. The combo is just as safe ans reliable.

    6. Chicago Metallic sheet pans – I’m a huge fan of the standard commercial-sized pans that are virtually indestructible.

    7. Instant hot water dispenser – no explanation needed.

    8. Silicone spoonulas – they don’t melt!

    9. Dishwasher – I didn’t have one in Chicago or NYC.

    10. Insinkerator – Perhaps this should have been first…

  2. Tim Says:

    I can pretty much live without anything in my kitchen but my own family cookbook. I agree that it’s absolutely critical for keeping track of the old family traditions. I built mine with software from, but I suppose with some extra work you could probably do it in Word.

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