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Happy 16th Birthday Allen! February 28, 2009

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Allen's 16th Birthday Present from Mom and Dad

We celebrated Allen’s 16th birthday a little early so that his brothers and sisters could take part. He was pretty excited, to say the least. He had no clue he was getting a car for his birthday. I think we kept the secret pretty well!

The happy new driver

He couldn’t believe it and kept asking “Is it really mine?”

The fancy birthday cake

He was spoiled further by his brothers and sisters with a new Pioneer Stereo System for his CRV.

Opening the new care stereo system

And to top it all off, he got his hoped for XBox 360 from Grandma and Grandpa Hamilton. I don’t know if he’s been THAT good this year, but, you only turn 16 once. I think I can safely say this was a birthday he’ll never forget!

Happy early birthday Allen!


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