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Friday afternoon: End of week one at home April 3, 2009

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It was a rough start this week and I’m pleased to say that as it ends I’m feeling ever so much better. My hubbie’s been home with me all week and has taken very good care of me. As he likes to keep quoting “A man’s work is never done…”

He has taken care of my medication, my comfort my nutrition and anything else that came along this week. Everyone should be waited on as well as I have been!

I’ve been watching lots of movies this week. Right now I’m watching The Land Girls. The two men in my house are often distressed by my choice of movie. I love historical pieces and great chick flicks. My, how they’ll suffer for the next few weeks as they gallantly allow me to have my way in the interest of recuperation!

After one little setback yesterday and a return trip to the Spine Center, I have discontinued my big gun painkillers and am now managing with Extra Strength Tylenol. It’s amazing how much clearer my head is today. I haven’t taken any naps and have been relatively comfortable for the most part. I’m hoping that every day things will get a little bit better.

I hope the weekend and next week are pretty and nice. I’ll like being able to sit out on the deck a bit for a change of scenery.


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