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Watching lots and lots of movies April 6, 2009

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I just completed my first full week at home recuperating. The first part of the week was spent feeling somewhat miserable. In fact, there are lots of details that I don’t remember. However, I now seem to have fallen into a bit of a routine which includes a lot of rest (per doctors orders). This requires that I move from chair to sofa, sofa to recliner, etc. all day long so I don’t get sick and tired of any one position. I also take short walks around the house or up and down the driveway. I have my laptop on my lap most of the day and still read and respond to lots of email. Facebook has become a nice social diversion.

While doing so much resting, I find that watching movies seems to be the most fun for me right now. Last week I watched:

Lonesome Dove
Dirty Dancing
Pretty Woman
Becoming Jane
Miss Potter
We Were Soldiers
The Patriot
Run Silent, Run Deep
Elizabeth: The Golden Age
The Golden Compass
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Amazing how many movies you can watch in a week when that’s about all you’re allowed to do.  I’m probably going to have to branch out and rent some movies soon. Even though there are hundreds of channels on DISH, they all seem to offer the same things over and over again. Any good ones to suggest?


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