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Fat Chick reports on a visitor to the office May 1, 2009

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Fat Chick: “Guess who showed up in the office today? The Lady at the Desk made an appearance and caught all of her work friends up on all sorts of things! I listened in so I could tell everyone all about it!”

Hen on the Mend: “Excuse me Fat Chick. I hate to interrupt when you’re so excited, but, I believe that it is my job as a professional to report on any medically related news. After all, I was engaged specifically for that purpose, if you recall.”

Fat Chick: “Alright, alright, don’t get your feathers in a twist! I’ll report on the interesting things and you can report on how the scar’s healing.”

Hen on the Mend: “Well, I suppose that rather puts me in my place now doesn’t it? Well, let’s see if I can make the health report a little more interesting. I’ll list the things I noticed when she came in.”

  • I noted that while getting around very well, the Lady at the Desk isn’t able to get across the street quickly enough to avoid being hit by a car. Or a bicycle. In fact, most other pedestrians. Glad she decided not to risk it when the cement truck was coming down the street!
  • It was good that she was excited about walking up the hill between McReynolds Hall and Jesse. However, I heard that nice man who’s doing her work for her say that they had to walk really slow and stop a couple of times on the way up. She must not have been practicing her walking uphill lately!
  • She reported that she isn’t taking drugs anymore. I wish she wouldn’t put it that way. Sounds suspicious. She should say she is no longer having to take her prescription medications to make her feel comfortable. That’s really good to hear, especially since she was driving! I noted that when she parked she pulled way too far forward in her parking space. Wonder if her eyes are still dilated?
  • She also reports she’s continuing to lose weight and is very happy about that. However, she did have her usual work treat from Chipotle today, so I’ll have to stay vigilant when she returns to make sure that doesn’t become a habit again!

Fat Chick: “Okay, my turn!”

  • This woman has been closed in for far too long. All she could talk about was what movies she’s watched and, oh my gosh, if she referenced something from the Biography Channel one more time I thought I would have to lay an egg!
  • She was only here for about 5 minutes and already seemed to have broken her computer. That nice blonde fellow down the hall had to come and fix it. Good thing he was around. Wonder if he’s missed having to do that lately?
  • Let’s see, she was terribly excited to see Jason, Josh, Karen, Lisa, Nancy, Jamie, Jeremiah and Paul. She was really sorry to have missed Ryan, Genevieve and Dr. Smith. Isn’t Dr. Smith that man that’s supposed to be making the children behave while she’s gone?
  • She smiled a lot while she was here. She was either really happy or she’d been drinking before she got here.
  • She got all excited thinking several of the folks had dressed up in her honor. However, she soon realized that one had a meeting in Jesse Hall and that another said it was Friday and she hadn’t done her laundry.
  • She wondered who is living in their office and hanging their laundry in the ladies room? This is a new addition. She wanted to know if she saw anything she liked if she could wear it next?
  • She kept mentioning someone named Ana who was wearing a particularly cute shirt today and that she’s been missing the funny emails from Chris. She mentioned something about sick pigs and I personally couldn’t figure out why she would think that was funny, but, the Lady at the Desk does seem to have a very odd sense of humor.
  • She was thankful she remembered how to sign her name when that nice lady named Val asked for her signature. She tends to forget the most basic things these days. Like, for instance, that she had made an appointment to get her haircut this afternoon. I think she thought she’d just be at the office for a couple of hours, but, that woman just stayed and stayed…barely made it on time!

Hen on the Mend: “All in all, she seems to be doing pretty well. Wonder when she’ll be back in?”

Fat Chick: “She says soon, she hopes. I’m personally hoping it will be awhile. I’m just getting used to roosting in the big blue chair!”