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On the shelf October 4, 2011

Filed under: The Adventures of "Fat Chick" — auntlelo @ 8:31 am

Fat Chick: “It’s been two years since I’ve gotten near her computer. Two years!”

Henrietta: “Maybe you shouldn’t have let your beak overload your better judgement. You see it’s gotten us all placed firmly on the shelf. We’re ruined! We’ll never get our audience back! It’s so very shameful…”

Fat Chick: “As if that wasn’t insulting enough, she put us on the top shelf with an ANGEL! Makes me think we’ve been sent to goose heaven or something. How COULD she do it?”

Gregory Pecked: “I told you to watch yourself around the lady at the desk. She may seem nice, but, she’s got an unholy temper now and then. And can she bear a grudge! After all, it’s been two years!”

Fat Chick: “I know, I know. Maybe I’ll tell her we’ll be good. REALLY good. I won’t eat her jelly beans, or her chocolate, or hijack her laptop and make snide comments about people, places and things. Maybe, just maybe, she’ll relent.”

Henrietta: “If she takes us down from the shelf, we’ll have to have a good dusting. She hasn’t done THAT in two years either, I can tell you.”

Gregory Pecked: “Well, what are you waiting for? Start flapping your beak and beg her for mercy!”

Fat Chick: “Oh yoohoo! Hey! You down there at the computer! Lady at the desk! Please, please can we come down now? Haven’t we been banished long enough?”

Fat Chick: “My table! Oh how I’ve missed you! What’s this? Could it possible be…chocolate?”

Henrietta: “Oh no, don’t do it. You know how she gets when you pilfer her stash of chocolate! You’ll get us banished again!”

Fat Chick: “She’ll never know. Just a taste…”

Henrietta: “Here we go again. Some things NEVER change.”


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