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In preparation for Mother’s Day May 1, 2008

It has just come to my attention that Mother’s Day is only about 10 days away. It also happens to fall on my husband’s birthday this year, which always makes me feel guilty. I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!

I thought it appropriate to ask all of my readers to comment and provide some of their most special memories of their mothers. They can be sweet and sentimental, funny and endearing, but, they can’t be insulting. (That’s a message for all MY children out there who might think I’d actually publish one of those comments.) 🙂

I’ll start by talking a bit about my Mom. There are things that I remember about her that she doesn’t seem to recall. You know, those special little memories that are captured like small snapshots in the middle of a busy life, never to be forgotten in the mind of a child.

When I was small, I remember my Mom always being very busy. There were 4 children at that time (ultimately there were 5, but, that was later on). One thing I remember very clearly is my Mom sitting down on the couch with me and showing me how to draw a face in profile on a pad of notepaper. She says she doesn’t remember ever doing this. I remember it like it was yesterday. That was the first of a million pads of paper that I filled through the years with sketches.

I also remember Mom letting me drape a big blanket over the top of the dining room table and making it my “tent.” It made me feel like I had my own little place in the living room even though there were lots and lots of other people around. Sounds kind of dorky, but, it was cool to a little kid.

When I think of my Mom I always have memories of good food and family dinners. Spaghetti, fried chicken, pot roast with potatoes and carrots and lots of onions and pies. Mmmmmm. We got to pick what we wanted to have for our birthday dinner and I seem to remember struggling between fried chicken and spaghetti. I remember Tuesday’s being particularly exciting because it was Mom’s day off. When we came home, there were usually pies that had been baked that morning for supper and the most wonderful smells. I can still see that kitchen with Mom in it in my head. It was a wonderful place.

I could go on and on with about a million more memories, but, the cool thing is my Mom is still around and I’m still making memories. What a blessing!

Time to share: Want to share a story or a memory about your Mom?


Coughing, sneezing and happy it’s spring March 28, 2008

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I love spring. I was born in the spring (April) and one of my favorite holidays is in the spring (Easter) and my favorite flowers feel like spring (daisies). Hmmm, there’s a pattern here. I was born on Easter Sunday, in April and the first flowers I ever received from anyone were for my 10th birthday and they were daisies. Go figure! 🙂

Yes, I love almost everything about spring. Everything, that is, except pollen. I’ve spent the week dreaming of warm weather and green trees and grass. And I’ve spent an equal amount of time coughing, sneezing and rubbing my eyes. Yes, allergy season is upon us.

I was launched rather unceremoniously into allergy season last week while trying to sing for Easter at church—with an altar packed with very fragrant, pollen-laden, Easter lilies. It was enough to take my breath away. It certainly caused me to run for the kleenex and my inhaler!

So while we’re watching the world turn green and the first flowers bloom, let’s celebrate the end of a long hard winter by heading to our local Walgreen store and buying a good supply of our allergy medicine of choice. Ahhh, aren’t you glad it’s almost April?


Sorry for the bleakness of recent posts March 18, 2008

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I talked to one of my kids on the phone today and he indicated he was concerned that my blog posts were rather bleak lately and that’s not like me. I’ll have to see if I can get Fat Chick and Henrietta to do a commentary on what they think of all of us who eat marshmallow peeps at Easter. I’m sure it will be another long monologue bemoaning that fact that all of us are cannibals or something.

Anyway, as I said in an earlier post, tomorrow was a better day and I have determined that all the rest of the tomorrows will be that way as well. There are certain things that I care very deeply about: my family, my work family and my church family. When anything seems to be wrong with the world in one of those areas, I usually get myself into a bit of a snit. Not surprisingly, I’m in a snit fairly frequently. They’re usually just short-lived and not this bad.

I’ll wake the chickens up early tomorrow and see if we can get them to comment on the upcoming Easter celebrations. What color peeps do you like best?  🙂


Today will be a better day March 12, 2008

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It’s all about attitude. I have decided that today WILL be a better day.

Yesterday, I woke up with an eye twitch. You know, one of those little muscles at the corner of your eye that twitches constantly because you’re stressed? Well, normally when that happens it’s for short durations and then it goes away. Rarely does anyone else notice it. However, yesterday’s twitch lasted from the time I got up till the time I went to bed and several people noticed it. How embarrassing!

Today, when I woke up I decided that although I can’t control the outcome of situations, I can control how they effect me. I will not think about this issue today. I will focus on my work because it makes me happy. I won’t be sad, I won’t be tense and I won’t be grouchy. I am through with grieving over what may happen tomorrow because that’s out of my hands. I will love my family, do my work and say my prayers.

Today will be a better day.


A disturbing dream March 11, 2008

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There are a lot of things going on in my life right now, not all of them good. After a particularly stressful meeting last night, I went to bed and had a very vivid dream. While most of the time I am pretty fuzzy about the content of my dreams when I wake up, this one was amazingly clear to me. I have perfect recall, even of small details in the dream. I believe that God speaks to me through my dreams sometimes. I am more passive and open to suggestion when I’m at rest, so it’s obviously a good time to cause reflection or plant suggestions in my head. I believe last night’s dream was that kind of experience.

I was at a close church friend’s home along with his wife and another couple whose names were mentioned during our meeting last night. The gentleman who’s home we were at was in the process of taking a large black bear that had been stuffed and mounted into his house for display. He was very, very proud of this black bear and the friends were admiring it. After he entered the house, the three ladies were sitting outside and the other gentleman wandered out into the yard. Suddenly several black bears came out of the woods, chasing and attacking the man. I was screaming for help and telling the other ladies we needed to help the man. They stood there laughing and taking no action while they commented on how pretty the bears were and that it was nice and unusual to see so many. As I watched the man in the yard being torn to shreds, I pushed the ladies into the house and shut and locked the door. Soon, the bears were at the door, beating and scratching and trying to get in. The other people in the house just hung back, not doing anything while the bears were getting louder and closer. I found a gun and pointed it at the door. As the door began to get battered down, I started shooting the bears, keeping them from coming into the house and killing all of us.

Then, I woke up.

I know why I had this dream. I know what it means. It involves church. It’s a bit frightening for me. While I know I can protect myself from the bears, I don’t know if I can protect my friends who don’t seem to see the bears as a threat.

It’s a sad time. I hope I don’t dream again tonight.


An old rocker chick March 10, 2008

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Wow, you wouldn’t believe it unless you’d seen it (and heard it). Yesterday afternoon, my son and son-in-law coerced me into playing Rock Band with them. For those of you older readers, it’s a video game similar to Guitar Hero where one person is the guitar player, one person is the drummer and, in my case, one person is the rock singer.

I sang songs yesterday I’d never heard before. If you’d like a bit of comedy relief, picture me (45-year-old chubby woman) singing music from Boston, Black Sabbath, Smashing Pumpkins, Aerosmith, etc. Ha HAAAAAAAAA ha ha ha! Very interesting and entertaining. To my credit, I sight read and sang a number of songs and stayed mostly in the 80-85% range of success first time around.

My best work was Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult. First of all, who doesn’t like Blue Oyster Cult? Second,  I liked the variety of not only singing, but, also getting to do a little rhythm work with the cowbell. I ended up at 96% on that one. Cool, huh?

I think my teenager was suitably impressed that I at least made the effort. My son-in-law called me the coolest Mom ever. I was happy and my husband was smiling and supportive. (I also need to add he was wearing his Bose headphones that block out outside noise and was listening to his I-Pod). Probably the safest thing to do at that point.

Tune in next weekend when the young folks and the old rocker chick take over the living room again for a rocking good time!


Can’t wait for February to end February 27, 2008

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I don’t know about you, but, somehow this has been the longest February I can remember. Sure, it’s a leap year and February lasts one extra day. It’s not just that. It’s been cold, snowy, icy and generally miserable outside. But, it’s not just that.

This year, there’ve been a lot of concerning things that happened in February. There’s been unrest at church and the need to deal with difficult situations. There’s been death of people close to me in my church family. There’s been a cycle of hectic projects and upcoming personnel changes at work. We’ve had the flu and colds and…you get the picture. It’s just been a lot happening in what is usually the shortest month of the year.

I consider myself to be pretty strong and able to juggle a large number of things at the same time. I still believe that. But, when there’s something going on in every single facet of my life at once (home, work and church), it leaves me without a single place to feel a sense of peace. That’s a bit challenging. So, I think the flu and sickness seem to be about over at home. It seems like the most likely peaceful haven for awhile. I’m ready to dive back into my exercise with gusto after having sickness in our family the past couple of weeks. We’re going to get away for a few hours with Kevin and Jayne and head down to the Lake on Saturday. They seem to be suffering through the same February blahs that we are. It’ll get me back on track.

Last night my husband was telling me that sometimes I’m too much of a big picture person and when I look at the entire picture at once it’s overwhelming. He’s right. I’m one person and I can only really deal with one issue at a time. I’ll set my priorities, make a list, and start to tackle things on each front as they need to be handled.

Taking a deep, calming breath. Getting ready to head into March…in like a lion, out like a lamb—I hope.


My new grandkitties! February 26, 2008

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I wish I had pictures to share, but, Annie and Josh haven’t taken any yet. Over the last weekend, Josh finally relented and they brought home not just one kitty, but TWO! A brother and a sister, around nine months old. The new additions are called Pickles and Oliver. They are, respectively, a calico and an orange tabby. Very cute, very playful and if I’m not mistaken, VERY SPOILED.

Considering that Annie was the one who begged for a cat, it seems funny that Josh is the one that seems to be very taken with the new feline friends. He and Oliver are now fast friends and, as guys usually do, have opted to band together in defense against female domination in the house. Good luck with that boys. I figure once Pickles gets settled in, she and Annie will retake the playing field. 🙂

I’ll post some pictures as soon as I get some. My goodness, it seems like all the kids are getting new pets!


Happy news on the weight loss front February 22, 2008

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As of this morning, I’ve lost 17 pounds. My son has lost 20 and my husband is now at 25 pounds lost. Even more interesting, I’ve lost a total of 7.5 inches throughout my body.

This really doesn’t feel like dieting. That’s why it’s working for us. It’s just eating the right foods at the right times of day and in the right amounts. It isn’t rocket science, it’s just getting back to basics. More fresh fruits and vegetables, taking care not to eat too much refined sugar, bad fats and treats in moderation. We don’t tell ourselves we can’t have something—from personal experience, that’s the kiss of death. We just plan for it and when we’ve had treats we try to exercise a little more to compensate.

This week has been hard. With so much illness, working out hasn’t been a realistic option. However, we’re still trying to eat as well as we can. If we have chicken noodle soup, at least we’re opting for homemade or the lower sodium varieties. We miss going to the gym, believe it or not, but, it’s not a good place to go when you’re sick.

3 more pounds and I’ll make my first major milestone. Hope it’s next week!!!!!


My new grandpuppy February 16, 2008

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Meet Truman, my new grandpuppy. I guess this is as close to a grandchild I’m going to get from Bobby and Rhi for awhile. Rhi is planning on med school, so, I’ll have to content myself with the furry variety until later on.

Truman is a Sheltie and very cute and playful. He’s a sweetie, but, I think our Jack Russell, Lucy, isn’t sure she likes this new kid on her turf this weekend. She’s sort of a crotchety old lady these days and puppies are definitely not her idea of a good time. She’s also terribly jealous.

So far, Truman’s been very well behaved. My carpet and I both appreciate it!