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How can I describe how very cold it is today? February 14, 2007

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algid, arctic, below freezing, below zero, benumbed, biting, bitter, blasting, bleak, boreal, brisk, brumal, chill, chilled, cool, crisp, cutting, freezing, frigid, frore, frosty, frozen, gelid, glacial, hiemal, hyperborean, icebox, iced, icy, inclement, intense, keen, nipping, nippy, numbed, numbing, one-dog night*, penetrating, piercing, polar, raw, rimy, severe, sharp, shivery, sleety, snappy, snowy, stinging, wintry

Yep, that pretty much covers it. It’s so cold in Small Town, USA that it literally hurts to be outdoors. At the moment, the temperature is 15 degrees, but the windchill is 7 degrees. Makes me wish for other adjectives to describe the weather. How about:

balmy, broiling, clement, close, flushed, glowing, heated, hot*, lukewarm, melting, mild, perspiring, pleasant, roasting, scorching, sizzling, snug, summery, sunny, sweating, sweaty, sweltering, temperate, tepid, thermal, toasty, warmish

Even broiling, roasting, scorching and sweltering sound pretty good at the moment. Makes me awfully happy I have an inside job and that I had a nice warm garage for my car to be in. There’s nothing more luxurious than not having to scrape ice and having heated seats at my age.

So, here’s your question of the day:

How long did it take you to scrape the ice off your car before leaving the house this morning?


Standing Tall (or, not falling on your fanny in the driveway) January 24, 2007

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My driveway doesn’t seem terribly steep. Unless, however, it is covered with ice. Not only is the driveway covered, but, so is the entire lawn. And, sitting proudly at the bottom of this incline is my mailbox and my newspaper. Hmmm, what a dilemma. How badly do I really want that stack of magazines, junkmail and bills resting in the little metal box down there? Do I really want to embarass myself and risk losing my dignity in front of the whole neighborhood by sliding down the hill and falling on my fanny in front of them? After all, I KNOW they’re looking out their windows because they wave when they see me looking out mine!

There is hope, though, for reaching the mailbox without falling prone on the ice and breaking something (like the concrete underneath). A few days ago, one of the people I work with came in with the cutest little things to slip on over your shoes to give you extra grip on the ice. I thought my husband definitely needed a pair. So, I bought him a heavy-duty set and bought a set for myself that was a little lighter weight and that I could toss in my purse during bad weather. What a great purchase! I can hardly wait to try them out tonight when I trek down to the mailbox. Now the only thing the neighbors will need to fear is seeing me bend over to pick up the newspaper! 🙂

If you’re interested in some of these for yourself, check out


Black Snow Is Disgusting January 22, 2007

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Yesterday, I was safely and warmly tucked away at home with no need to get out and about. It was really easy to stand at the window and look out on a pretty, pristine snow and appreciate a fine winter day.

This morning, it was cold and slippery outside with patches of that nasty black ice. However, what’s even worse is looking at the piles of “black snow” along the sides of the road, parking lots and sidewalks. This is the weather that causes everyone to yell about that nasty stuff getting tracked in on nice clean floors and carpets. You get one day of pretty snow and weeks of the black stuff. I think I’ll just not look out the window for awhile. Maybe I’ll look outside again when the crocuses are ready to come up! I really, really dislike winter…

I had a pretty productive weekend. I spent the day yesterday baking butterhorn rolls and oatmeal raisin cookies. Today I’m signing back up for Weight Watchers (the online version). That’s another reason to hate winter. All I feel like doing when I’m cooped up like this is cooking and eating and doing sedentary things like reading or watching movies. Must eat less and move more!

So, what do you like to do on cold snowy days at home? I need more inspiration!


The View This Morning: Snow! January 21, 2007

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Well. the weatherman was right. We did indeed receive the promised 3-5 inches of snow last night. It does make for a very pretty sight outside my window this morning, but, unfortunately, also meant that the roads and parking lots are once again treacherous and we cancelled church again this morning.

I can’t remember the last time the weather was so bad that church was cancelled two weeks in a row. Perhaps never! I’m really disappointed this morning because my new son-in-law-to-be installed our new sound system this week and I was itching to get my hands on it this morning. Rats!!!! Now I have to wait another week to crank up that lovely 900 watts of power and play with the new wireless microphones. Well, I guess patience is still a virtue I need to work on.

Yesterday we hosted that young man’s parents and grandparents for lunch and a visit. It was our first meeting and I think it went well. It was their first trip to our particular Small Town, USA, and they seemed to like our little piece of the world. His little sister was also here. She is about 10 and quite adorable. It’s obvious how much she loves her big brother! We didn’t swap embarassing stories at the kids’ expense yesterday, although it was very tempting! Plenty of time to do that later…

I just whipped up a batch of butterhorn rolls and set those to rise. Something about the smell of homemade bread on a snowy day that is just too perfect for mere words.