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Back from the dead? October 3, 2011

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I haven’t thought about this blog in a long time. About two years, actually. There was a time in my life when writing about ceramic chicken friends, short stories about my life and my views about everything from weather to people kept me entertained. Then I allowed a negative comment or two kill the pleasure for me. For two whole years…

Well, enough of that! I need to sharpen the old virtual pencil and start to harass my friends and family again with shameless puns, imaginary chickens and all sorts of random hilarity. So, here goes.

Today’s random musing is about how hard it is to get used to the technology in a new car. Case in point:

I got a new SUV a week ago. I love it. It’s a Chevy Equinox and it has everything from soup to nuts. I particularly love the fact that the iPod now hooks into the system and we have this wonderful display that allows us to manage our songs from the dash. It also has a terrific navigation system (thank you OnStar). It also has a one disc CD player. This is where I ran into problems. I like to believe I’m somewhat intelligent, but, while I was able to figure out how to load the CD, play the CD, work through the tracks of the CD, etc., I was completely unable to figure out how to eject the CD!

Twenty minutes. This is definitely an issue of usability, not stupidity.  I really, really believe that everything else about this car is terrific. They obviously added the eject button as an afterthought.

Maybe we’ll have more random musings in a day or two. In the meantime, I’ll take a feather duster to the chicks in the office and see if they have anything new to say after two years!


What I love about Saturdays January 31, 2009

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Wonderful lazy Saturday mornings. The busier the week, the more you cherish Saturdays. Here are a few of the random reasons why Saturday is such a special day of the week:

  • There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning without an alarm clock knowing that if you want a few more minutes you can just snuggle up under the covers and go back to sleep.
  • Time to savor a lazy cup of coffee (or two) while you look out the window and watch the rest of the world wake up. The birds seem so much more interesting and colorful first thing in the morning.
  • As much as I hate doing housework, I love the way it looks and smells after all the Saturday chores are done.
  • It’s so much fun to plan the menus for the week and make up the shopping list. Even on a diet. ESPECIALLY on a diet!
  • Some Saturdays are full of visitors like my kids and grandkids. Perfect excuses to bake cookies and play Barbies.
  • There are always a few extra minutes to play computer or video games.
  • I like taking Allen to his guitar lessons and watching and hearing him get better every week.
  • Spending more time with my family.
  • Having my Mom and Dad, etc. , in for supper. Love the visits.
  • Taking a longer shower. (If the teenager is still asleep, I can take one with hot water which is even MORE exciting!)
  • Knowing when I go to bed there’s one more day at home before going back to work. Ahhhhh…

The new Michelin Guide is out and so are my random musings October 7, 2008

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As reported by Epicurious, the new Michelin Dining Guide is out and there are chefs celebrating or weeping all over the world. I love reading about food, cooking food and, of course, eating food. The amount of creativity and work it takes to achieve this rating is certainly something to be admired. That said, there are still some things this novice finds interesting/confusing about the whole thing.

  • Have you ever actually dined in a Michelin rated restaurant? Have you known anyone who has?
  • Is it common for the wine to cost more than the entire meal?
  • Have you ever participated in a chef’s tasting? Does it taste better with Michelin stars attached?
  • I’ve read some of the menus from the 4 star restaurants on the list and I am both awed and confused by some of the descriptive terms used: amuse bouche, girollies, veloute, etc. I always have to go look things up to know exactly what they’re talking about! Or, take a basic French course…
  • Occasionally these top restaurants have things on their menus that I can’t imagine people wanting to eat at all, let alone pay top dollar. For example, pigs tail may taste good, but, I’d rather have pork loin or something a bit more substantive. Or, as noted on the menu for Le Bernardin, geoduck. Geoduck?? Did you watch the episode of Dirty Jobs where Mike Rowe helps harvest geoduck? Man, those things are NASTY looking!
  • There are things on the menu that I’ve just never heard of or been exposed to. Especially in the area of fish or seafood: kampachi, fluke, kumamoto, escolar, kindai maguro. Wow, I’ve got to get out more!

As I said, I’m highly impressed. Life in the hospitality industry is a lot of hard work, late hours and dedication to craft. If you’ve eaten in rated restaurants, let me know what you thought. Worth the hype and the cost or highly overrated?


Random thoughts about the start of classes August 22, 2008

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This past week marked the beginning of classes for my teenage son, my granddaughter who started kindergarten, and my daughter who began her career as a teacher. It was a strange experience for me as I had such different feelings about each one of those events.

  • You really start to feel old when you have both a child and a grandchild starting school in the same week. All I know is that I heaved a big sigh of relief that my child was a sophomore and not starting kindergarten!
  • The teenage boy returning to high school doesn’t have the same level of excitement attached as the little girls going to grade school. There was no agonizing over what to wear (Allen usually wears cargo shorts and an American Eagle tee shirt).
  • When your child starts the first day of school as the teacher, you get a whole different set of jitters. “Will the kids like her? Will she have any problem children? Am I going to be mad when a parent yells at her?” I guess she’s ready. She’s a pretty good teacher if I do say so myself!
  • Do you remember the days when choosing a backpack or tennis shoes or a lunchbox for school was exciting? I remember having a pink Barbie lunchbox one year and it was cool. My husband still has his very first lunchbox from first grade. Bozo the Clown. You know you’re getting old when you see your lunchbox on eBay selling for a nice price as a collectible!
  • Our granddaughter told us last night that she cried at school because she missed her Mom. Wonder if she’d be surprised to know how good it probably made her Mom feel that she was missed? Especially since she ran to get on the school bus and never looked back!
  • Since we’re talking about classes starting, I can’t neglect the effect this will have on my work day. I love the excitement of things getting busy on campus again, but, I’m not looking forward to traffic and parking congestion and having to stand in long lines at Chipotle again.

What do you have to report about the first day of school?


Random musings about choir August 21, 2008

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Last night’s choir practice was interesting. Made me thing about the generational differences in the choir and where I fit.

  • You know you’ve reached another generation when someone refers to a song from the 70’s as an “old hymn.”
  • You know you have some really elderly people in the choir when they have to leave early because they’re afraid it’s going to get foggy outside.
  • You can still think of yourself as a “younger” member of the choir when someone else refers to an old favorite that was a standard song from a hymnal you can’t remember using during your lifetime.
  • You know choir practice is going to be interesting when you sit on the piano bench and it’s wet. Why when a church roof leaks does it ALWAYS have to be right over the piano?
  • You have to remember when you’re in church and someone suggests lighting candles during a song that you shouldn’t suggest using a BIC lighter because it’s easier (you know, like you do when you go to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show). Somehow I don’t think that would go over well…
  • You know a woman has been a smoker most of her life when she decides to join the choir and chooses to sit in the bass section. 🙂

Random musings from Vermont again August 5, 2008

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The weather finally turned here and it’s lovely, although still a bit chillier than I’m accustomed to in the latter days of summer. It was a hefty high of 75 degrees yesterday. But at least the rain had stopped and I got to see the beauty of Vermont that everyone’s been talking about.

Last night we spent the evening at the ECHO Aquarium. It was beautiful there. I think it’s time for me to share a few more random musings about my latest adventures:

  • After hearing the name of the first song I wrote when I was a kid (Now that our love is dead the only thing left to kill is you), it completely threw everyone off the trail when it came to guessing the faculty fave 5 that we play here at the beginning of each session. Mine were songs from Queen, The Doobie Brothers, The Eagles, James Taylor and Bon Jovi. Everyone was expecting country/bluegrass. I guess you can never quite account for taste!
  • Do you think there’s something cannibalistic about eating fish or seafood as appetizers when you’re visiting an aquarium and looking at fish?
  • No kidding, there was a sign about seeing the live animal display directly behind the meat carving station last night. Creepy.
  • I’m a new fan of Adirondack Chairs. In fact, any chair. My foot really, really hurts!

Random musings about pizza July 24, 2008

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I’m sitting at my desk and it’s 4:40 p.m. I had a turkey sandwich for lunch. Blah. I even had some chips, but, that didn’t do the trick either. I know, I know, all bad things for me. What I really have a craving for is some really good pizza.

Not the piece of cardboard with sauce and cheese you get in a Domino’s delivery box, but, something truly wonderful. With that I’ll launch into my random musings about pizza.

  • I’m a thin crust kind of gal. Hard to believe when my figure would tell you that thick crust is more believable, right?
  • I love supreme with all the veggies. However, I’m also a carnivore so it has to have meat as well. Sausage or pepperoni are my favorites.
  • Why do pizza places make you ask for extra cheese? I mean really, doesn’t EVERYBODY order extra cheese? You’d think that would be standard now, sort of like large french fries.
  • One of the most painful injuries is when you get a cheese burn on the roof of your mouth because you just couldn’t wait one more minute to have a bite. Will we never learn?
  • The perfect pizza is a blend of just right amounts of crust, cheese and toppings. Too much crust, cheese or toppings is just bad. After all, if you have to eat it with a fork it’s just no fun anymore.
  • I don’t know why some people think breakfast pizza is a new invention. I was eating leftover pizza for breakfast decades ago. Now they’ve gone and messed it up by trying to make it healthy and putting eggs on it. Eeeeewwwww!
  • I’m sort of a pizza purist in a lot of ways. This whole gourmet pizza thing with toppings like BBQ chicken, spinach, pesto and such seems a little strange to me. If I want BBQ, I’ll eat BBQ. If I want pesto I’ll get some pasta and do it right. And for heaven’s sake, if I want a burrito I’ll eat it with a tortilla not a pizza crust. Really!
  • People nearly come to blows when trying to define a favorite pizza. Mine depends on my mood. I love the Achilles pizza from Arris’ (beef and jalapeno peppers). I also love a good slice of canadian bacon and mushroom from Shakespeare’s, although I don’t care much for their crust. (I know, that must make me a communist or something, right?) I also love a good Papa Murphy’s pepperoni pizza that I bake at home. Mmmmm.
  • I’ve gained at least 3 pounds writing this blog entry. Hungry. Very hungry. STARVING!
  • You know what’s really bad? I probably won’t get to have pizza for dinner because my son had it for dinner last night. How sad. All this torture for nothing. Sigh.