The View From My Window

The world as seen from my window and through my eyes

Code to Eye Color January 19, 2007

According to Wikipedia, there are only 3 true colors of eyes: blue, green and brown. All others, including hazel, are just a result of a variation in the amount of melanin present in the eye or environmental causes such as lighting. While scientifically speaking this may be the case, if you want to correctly gauge my moods based on eye color and, therefore, adequately anticipate what my view will be, here is a chart to assist you:

blue-green Calm and normal.

bright blue Excited, happy, yahoo!

brown-green Serious, not feeling well.

gray Bad headache, migraine, go away!

bright green Very upset, angry, God help you!

Wet, any color Highly abnormal, very unusual, suggest you don’t say anything, provide tissues immediately.


One Response to “Code to Eye Color”

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    I love your site! 🙂

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