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Friday afternoon: End of week one at home April 3, 2009

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It was a rough start this week and I’m pleased to say that as it ends I’m feeling ever so much better. My hubbie’s been home with me all week and has taken very good care of me. As he likes to keep quoting “A man’s work is never done…”

He has taken care of my medication, my comfort my nutrition and anything else that came along this week. Everyone should be waited on as well as I have been!

I’ve been watching lots of movies this week. Right now I’m watching The Land Girls. The two men in my house are often distressed by my choice of movie. I love historical pieces and great chick flicks. My, how they’ll suffer for the next few weeks as they gallantly allow me to have my way in the interest of recuperation!

After one little setback yesterday and a return trip to the Spine Center, I have discontinued my big gun painkillers and am now managing with Extra Strength Tylenol. It’s amazing how much clearer my head is today. I haven’t taken any naps and have been relatively comfortable for the most part. I’m hoping that every day things will get a little bit better.

I hope the weekend and next week are pretty and nice. I’ll like being able to sit out on the deck a bit for a change of scenery.


Oh my poor aching back… March 30, 2009

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First week at home. Percoset every 4 hours, plus a variety of other pills and stuff throughout the day. Logrolls to get out of bed, logrolls to get into bed, deep breathing as I try to pull myself up out of a chair. Meals consist of about 3-4 bites of whatever is put in front of me. Losing weight won’t be difficult for me now!

I had such a good day today. I walked up and down the driveway several times. I sat up in the living room many times and slept less. That part was good. And then I hit my daily wall. By 5 p.m. I was begging my poor husband to let me have my next dose of Percoset early. I had 4 bites of dinner and had to go to bed. And then the spasms started. And the pain. And the waves of nausea. And the tears. And the embarrassment.  You just don’t know how much I hate having to ask for help. Thank GOD for my husband and my son. I couldn’t ask for any better help than they have been. This is one of those tests that tells you clearly if the two of you will make it through your elder years. I think I can safely say that we’ve passed that test. I would do anything for him and he has done everything for me. What a blessing.

While I was feeling good this morning, I sent a short note of thanks to my surgeon and his nurse practitioner. I couldn’t have asked for better care from the physicians, nursing staff and technicians at the hospital. In return, I received a note back from my nurse telling me thanks and to GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND REST! Then this afternoon, I got an email from my doc. It told me all I needed to know to make me certain I’d made the right choice of doctor. The note said:

Great to hear you are already noticing a difference.  Thanks for the update and please let us know if anything comes up.

God Bless.

Two simple words: God bless. Now I know everything’s going to be alright. We were both looking to the same power for help and guidance. All I can say is I am blessed.


My goals while I’m home March 20, 2009

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Since I am forced to be home and leading a life of leisure for a few weeks, I think it’s important to have some goals during my R&R. Obviously, there is the overall goal of recuperating after surgery, and physically getting stronger so I can get back in the swing of things as quickly as possible. However, I have a list of movies and books I need to get through while I’m home.

Today, I’ve been busy doing some housekeeping and making sure things are in good shape before hubby and son have to take over and bear the burden for awhile. The upside of having surgery is that your family waits on you hand and foot for awhile! While puttering around the house I’ve also watched The Parent Trap, That Thing You Do, and An Officer and a Gentleman. I’ll get to watch all the sappy movies that I always love and that make the men in my house gag. 🙂

I’ll post my list of books and movies here in a day or two. If you have any suggestions for must-sees or must-reads, give me a shout. Always open for suggestions.


Hen on the Mend March 19, 2009

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Fat Chick: “What happened to the lady at the desk? And who’s the new chick?”

Hen: “I’m new. I’m Hen on the Mend. The lady at the desk has an owie and has to go to that people hospital next week to be repaired. She’s going to be away for awhile and left me in charge of things.”

Fat Chick: “IN CHARGE? I thought I was in charge!”

Hen: “When she needs someone to be assertive, Chick, you get to be in charge. When she needs a diplomat, Henrietta is in charge. When she wants to show off, Gregory Pecked is in charge and when she wants to make the world go away she pretends she’s a toad and Pigeon is in charge. But right now, she doesn’t feel very well and needs someone to be a nurse and that’s why someone nice brought me to her. I’m supposed to help her and let everyone know how she’s doing while she’s gone.”

Fat Chick: “Is she leaving her laptop? Can we play while she’s gone?”

Hen: “You’ll have to use the computer at her desk. She needs her laptop so she can send messages to us from home. She wants to hear from everyone though. She’s easily bored and hates not being here with all her people friends. And her chickens, too, of course!”

Fat Chick: “Okay. Well, welcome to the zoo and to the family. I guess we can always use someone to help make us feel better. Wow, did I just say something nice? I must be sick! Help! Hen on the Mend, make me normal again!”

Hen: “It’s just a little anxiety, Chick, you’ll be fine in a day or two. Things will be back to normal in no time!”


Happy 16th Birthday Allen! February 28, 2009

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Allen's 16th Birthday Present from Mom and Dad

We celebrated Allen’s 16th birthday a little early so that his brothers and sisters could take part. He was pretty excited, to say the least. He had no clue he was getting a car for his birthday. I think we kept the secret pretty well!

The happy new driver

He couldn’t believe it and kept asking “Is it really mine?”

The fancy birthday cake

He was spoiled further by his brothers and sisters with a new Pioneer Stereo System for his CRV.

Opening the new care stereo system

And to top it all off, he got his hoped for XBox 360 from Grandma and Grandpa Hamilton. I don’t know if he’s been THAT good this year, but, you only turn 16 once. I think I can safely say this was a birthday he’ll never forget!

Happy early birthday Allen!


My ten favorite kitchen things February 24, 2009

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I was inspired to write this after reading another list like it from one of my favorite blogs:  The Kitchn. I’m sure many of the rest of you who cook have similar lists. Please share some of your own favorite things. I may have to add a few more to my own list if you inspire me!

1. An old sheet cake pan like my Mom’s that actually doubles as a lid to a roaster. I borrowed hers so often that when she saw one in an antique store she bought it for me. It is the perfect pan for my carrot cake recipe!

2. My Mom’s iron skillet. Again, I borrowed it so often she finally gave it to me since she didn’t use it anymore. It’s well seasoned and the perfect size for cornbread and oven pancakes.

3. My set of Wustof knives. Don’t know what I did before I had them, but, don’t think I could live without them now.

4. My family cookbook. I set about the task years ago of collecting the favorite recipes of my Mom’s and my grandmothers, adding them to my own and making copies for my other close family members. It sure did save a lot of phone calls and digging through tupperware boxes full of clippings searching for them when I needed them.

5. My Pampered Chef garlic mincer. It’s a newer addition to my kitchen and, again, don’t know how I lived without this one!

6. The KitchenAid Artisan mixer with dough hooks. Now that I have a husband that makes bread, this is an even more important kitchen tool. However, I think it’s time we graduated to the next model up in both power and capacity.

7. My walk-in pantry. This one should have been at the top of the list. I don’t know how any avid cook manages without the storage space this pantry provides. My husband did a good thing building this for me. He even finished out the interior in oak to match my kitchen cabinets!

8. My spice rack. It’s oak, has a moon-phase clock built-in and tons of  shelves and drawers for all kinds of spices. The best thing about it is that my husband made it for me as a wedding present. We designed our kitchen to leave a special space just for hanging this spice rack. Yes, it’s that important!

9. My deep-dish Longaberger pie plates. Beautiful, functional and they fit perfectly in my Longaberger pie basket that I take to church dinners.

10. My custom-made oak cabinets. They’re beautiful, they’re roomy and my husband built them for me when we built our new house. I especially love the silverware drawer that fully extends with extra heavy-duty slides and has 8 sections built-in for all kinds of silverware items.


My Funny Little Valentine starring Gregory Pecked February 13, 2009

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Gregory Pecked: “Fat Chick, I have a singing Valentine for you!”

Fat Chick: “Bring it on, rooster boy. But if it starts losing its feathers, I’m outta here.”

Gregory Pecked: “Not THAT kind of singing Valentine, silly bird. It’s not one of the Chickendales! I am your singing Valentine!”

Fat Chick: “But Greg, honey, you don’t sing. You don’t even cackle. What’re you going to do, crow me a little tune?”

Gregory Pecked: “Well, I may not be the best crooner in the chicken yard, but, I’m an excellent poet. Would you like to hear?”

Fat Chick: “Sure! Sounds like a safe enough bet.”

Gregory Pecked: “Roses are red, birdseed is yellow, you are my chick and I am your fellow…”

Fat Chick: “Uh…well…hmmmm…is that it? That’s my Valentine?”

Gregory Pecked: “Well, yes my little chickadee, don’t you like it?”

Fat Chick: “Well, I just thought maybe there might be something a little more…substantial coming along. You know like flowers or chocolates or a fancy card or something.”

Gregory Pecked: “But my little egg-drop, I worked on this all week. I have another poem, maybe you’ll like it better! How do I love thee, let me count the ways. I love you for every feather in your head, every chirp upon your lips…”

Fat Chick: “Chickens don’t have lips, birdbrain! Good grief, all I wanted was a little of the traditional chicken worship that’s supposed to happen on Valentine’s Day. Don’t you know me at all? I require chocolate on EVERY holiday. Lots of it. That’s why they call me FAT CHICK! Men!”

Gregory Pecked: “Ha, HAAAAAAAA, ha ha ha. I had you going there didn’t I? Got real flap out of you! Of COURSE I know that! I am, after all, a very well trained bird.”

Fat Chick: “You mean you weren’t serious? There IS more?”

Gregory Pecked: “Yes my little feather pillow. Chocolate and a fancy card, all for you.”

Fat Chick: “Ahhhh, that’s so sweet. And what a surprise! And the best part of it is that on Valentine’s Day no one expects you to share your chocolates!”

Gregory Pecked: “No my sweet. That’s why we call you Fat Chick!”

Fat Chick: “Why, yes it is! Happy Valentine’s Day, Greg. You’re the best!”